What I find most satisfying about what I do is how I don’t need my television to escape. Events and stories in the world today open my mind to so many things. If this is what it is to be crazy then I embrace my lunacy. The only thing that troubles me believe it or not is when my skeptical friends sit down with me over coffee and tell me something that is out of the ordinary even for them.

That happened to me today. I was running behind and was trying to get into town to have coffee with a friend who just got back from doing an investigative report dealing with marijuana growers in Enterprise, Oregon. He related to me that he listened to my show about Obama acting like the messiah and laughed because he had just heard Obama say in a press conference something that sounded like it was out of the Bible.

The press conference was in Raleigh North Carolina. Obama was touring a machine facility in and spoke about his Jobs bill. Someone from the crowd yelled out “I Love you Barack” Obama immediately yelled ‘I love you back,: and the crowd went wild. He then said ‘If you love me.” Help me pass this bill.

I immediately thought that it sounded like the scripture “If you love me. Keep my commandments,” John 14:15-21 Or the passage where Jesus said to Simon “If you love me feed my sheep.” John 21:19.

It was interesting to see how my show had this kind of reaction from someone who I considered to be a skeptic. I guess the issue of whether or not Obama was trying to be messianic seemed to be obvious.

We talked about the 46th Psalm and I had indicated to him that as I was sipping my morning coffee that the 46th Psalm has got my mind going and that I realized that if you count the chapters backward 666 times from the last Chapter of the Book of Revelation you get Psalm 46.

It was a creepy coincidence and a fascinating synchronicity that just makes the world even more amazing. The last chapter of Revelation is the warning that The Alpha and Omega comes quickly and that there will be light that will be in the day and in the night.

It was then my friend looked at me with a smirk on his face and said “You know that today I saw some footage of two suns over China.” He laughed that should brighten the day and night.

He remembered that I spoke of the Lucifer Project and the two suns that appear at the end of the Arthur C. Clarke movie 2010, The Year We Make Contact.

I asked “Do you believe that there is an explanation for this?” He said to me that he didn’t know and that he was hoping I would discuss this on my show, considering all of the strange things that have been happening recently in the sky.

I saw it as a challenge to sit in front of my computer and look around for some sort of explanation. I still couldn’t find anything. All I knew was all of the occult symbology of Vulcan and Nemesis. Vulcan and or Nemesis are known as hypothetical planets or suns. There has been this long standing myth that the earth was once in a binary solar system. Lately however these myths are becoming intriguing hints as there have been numerous reports of two suns shining in the sky from China, Thailand and even in Spokane Washington.

Around January 18th, 2010 NASA STEREO monitors were beginning to register what appeared to be large planet sized UFO’s around the sun. Giant, UFOs have appeared before around the Sun and have been monitored and recorded by NASA’s Stereo spacecraft. The present “giant solar UFO wave” which commenced on January 18, 2010 is the most recent of a reoccurring phenomenon. Later in the month of February came the solar filament at the southern hemisphere of the sun that snapped, sending to earth a large coronal mass ejection that was not reported in the mainstream. This may have been the reason for the devastating earthquake in Chile. Ever since this major flare there has been a lot of activity and more indications that some major celestial event is taking place.

There have been many prophecies from Nostradamus to Aleister Crowley, to the occultist theosophist Madame Blavatsky regarding the arrival of Nemesis, a darker star that will accompany the sun in the final days before the new age. The Darker star has also been known as Lucifer rising from the Underworld and signifies the Antichrist or the Dark Star Rising.

Blavatsky wrote in her book Isis unveiled that the return of the Black Sun or death star would be evident when the 13th house of Mazzaroth is active from the core of Ophiuchus. The 13th house is the Serpent holder and from it will come the Black Sun.Blavatsky wrote, “The sudden star, though seen by all of the Earth, does not elicit the fear it should even as fire begins to stain the Northern skies. But, when Mars retreats from Ophiuchus, and the blue light comes from the heavens and separates from the green, know that war and sudden destruction is at hand as the Black Sun rises once again.”

I can’t help but think that the huge fireball that was seen first in the southern skies and then later all over the world has some significance. All of the predictions from The Hopi prophecies to Blavatsky speak of the Blue light streaking across the sky leaving its trail.

Nostradamus also wrote in his quatrains

In Quatrain II.41 it reads:

“The great star for seven days will burn; the cloud will cause two suns to appear: The big mastiff all night will howl, when the great pontiff changes countries.”

Many Nostradamus scholars will agree that this great star spoken of is a comet that will enter and burn for days. During that time there will be many that will see what appear to be two suns in the sky. There will be a great howling from the earth.

Back when the Earthquake was felt in Virginia there were strange reports of sounds coming from the earth. They were described as moans coming from underground. They were reported all over the world.

It is remarkable that even with all of the weird anomalies happening all over the globe there are people that still are unconvinced that the earth is going through some monumental changes.

The interesting thing to note is that the Pope will be changing countries as he will leave Rome and go to his homeland of Germany September 22nd, 2011.
This will be Pope Benedict’s first state visit to his native country as Pope, his first visit as Pope to Berlin, and his third visit overall to his native country as Pope. He will also be speaking at the German Episcopal conference. The symbol of the Episcopal conference is the Halo sun cross. The symbol is of the crossing of Ophiuchus, the center of the dark rift. It is similar to the Celtic cross and the symbol of the Mazzaroth.

In Quatrain II.46 Nostradamus speaks that as we approach the great cycle of the century we will see the rain of blood, milk, famine, war and disease. A fire ball will then be seen with a trail of sparks. Similar to what we saw on the west coast on September 14, 2011. Here is the quatrain:
“After great misery for mankind an even greater one approaches, when the great cycle of the centuries is renewed. It will rain blood, milk, famine, war and disease. In the sky will be seen a fire, dragging a tail of sparks.”

As we are preparing for the arrival of Comet Elenin we may see some anomalous activity happening all over the world. We have been seeing remarkable UFO activity all over the globe now and much of it defies all credibility and yet is happening.

There have been books written on the subject of the precession of the equinox where all of the anomalies that we are seeing and are about to see are related to time and space reversing and shifting. It will give us the impression of a warped sense of synchronicity. It would also give the impression that the sun is moving backwards.

This means that perhaps all that we are seeing in the sky is giving us the impression that the sky is literally falling.

Seeing two suns in the sunset signals the coming of the dark star, The darker sun, the opposite of divinity. There are many people who are now awaiting the arrival of something from space, we have heard of Nibiru, Planet X, Elenin and other celestial phantoms. What if it is all part of the shifting of the earth giving us the illusion of a mirror of the past? Perhaps time is about to change and the cosmos will be synchronized in some remarkable event.