Once again the heavens are speaking to us and only those who are aware of esoteric knowledge will be able to understand that old axiom “As above so below” and from there the awakening takes place. If you do not believe that the sky rules our actions and that the hermetic axiom has meaning keep in mind that the last Venus transit of our lifetime is happening. This is the year that London hosts the Olympics and it happens to be the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee – she has reigned for 60 years. In celebration of this, there is a coordinated project to light 2,012 beacons of fire on all the high places of the United Kingdom.

This ancient ritual speaks volumes about how our leaders think and how deep in our core beliefs we send a message that during the dark awakening we yearn to be one with the divine energy of light and the arrival of the light beings.

Venus is known as the torch Star or the promethean harbinger that brings with it both excitement and the terror of the hidden truth. It is also known to stretch out to the earth with serpentine ropes. Anciently the serpent ropes or dragon’s tails were a frightening reality and many people feared that the fingers of Venus would bring catastrophe to the planet earth.

Once again the message sent to the inhabitants of earth is of death and rebirth, catastrophe and plans for war. Prepare for the troubling period followed by the arrival of the divine among you.

Venus transit is the Luciferian meme illuminating the dark awakening.

There are events in our lives that can be an effect from some cause. When cause between meaningful events happen we call it Synchronicity, a part of time where we see the evidence of determination or random accident. It is hard to tell which because synchronicity or meaningful coincidence is such a complex mental construction, subject to conscious and subconscious influence, not every correlation in the grouping of events by meaning needs to have an explanation in terms of cause and effect.

Some will claim it is karma and others will say that sometimes the trickster times things in such a way to mock the meaning we give to putting things in order. The way we tend to take chaos and find order in it. The way we make time work as a way to entertain instead of bind us. Time in continuum is the great unknown. Synchronicity raises questions about who or what controls it or if it is just another construct that keeps us bound to the sun.

Many people are believers in predetermined outcomes. That we move through time and some power rolls the dice. We move along the path of life never knowing what awaits us.

The Joker is something that is an archetype that when played with can have some very peculiar results. He is a character in mythology that was once a warrior. It eventually became part of the mythos that the warrior made a mockery of all of us. That we were all part of his gallows humor. That our lives were merely a joke.

Hermes was considered the shaman, the God of Sympathetic magic. He delivered messages through a series of riddles and comedies of error and tragedy. There were lessons to be learned from the trickster and seeking out the action and reaction was a great practice of the shaman.

It is a hermetic practice to seek out and convey the hidden messages and meanings in synchronous events. These meaningful coincidences, used as a form of personal development, serve as a form of metaphorical perception. It means seeking the hidden archetypal patterns in the apparent chaos of daily life.

As the darkness awakens, we await the lesson, the consequence and the solution. The stars align, the planets move in synchronicity and the signs in the sun deliver the message that an evolutionary change will indeed make its alchemical mark on mankind.

Religion and Science as a resource has lost its effectiveness for some people. It doesn’t satisfy people who have the ability to think outside the box. People have slowly become “urban agnostics” even “urban atheists” where publicly they are not religious but privately they pray or practice magic or some other ritualistic endeavor. Many are quick to believe in whatever confirms their suspicions making objective information difficult to obtain.

We are now at a point in our evolution where our knowledge no longer comes from just books and teachers but from electronic flashes and signals that program us into thinking that certain things are fact when in reality they are far from the truth.

Intelligence meaning secret information or information on what really is transpiring around us is like a precious metal or diamond. Disinformation is information that has jagged edges that when refined and reviewed yields some amazing things. The more we peel away at it the more the paths take us to unknown ends.

The motto for Pentagon intelligence is “Scientia est Potentia” or “Knowledge is Power.” When you can control knowledge, potential knowledge, and past knowledge you control the consensus. The consensus falls under the power of the magicians and shaman who are consulted in order to find ways to move large groups towards a preplanned thought or idea. Once the seed is planted and the right grooming takes place, the idea is hard to kill, he thought is hard to drive out of the consciousness of the body politic.
Science fiction predictive programming has given the images, the memes, and the consensus philosophical “evolution.” The technological simulations have provided us with a plausible acceptance of what is ahead in our futures. Gone is the day of Science fiction providing escapism. It now provides us with enough fodder to develop a religious zeal for our own doom.

We are now experiencing a viral philosophy that it is useless to resist central, establishment control. We begin to understand now that the mainstream narrative, under the direction of the media writes and rewrites history on a whim. Most people do not find themselves cataloguing a consensus history. There is no real open dialogue on what has happened in the past.

The media tends to posit a counter-cultural alternative to such control which is actually a counterfeit, covertly emanating from the establishment itself. Quite literally, heroes creating Villains to glorify themselves. Plots also plant thoughts that environmental catastrophe is as unavoidable as entropy and that extinction will be our evolution and that it is inevitable. Then after all is said and done The “old gods” will return to inhabit the planet because it is our stellar scientific destiny.

We are held in suspension over the wonders of the heavens. We see significant signs in the sun and we see rare glimpses of planetary movements that like it or not shape what is wired deep in our core beliefs.

We marvel at the planets and the stars because we are literally made up of star dust. Our own spirit has us looking up and wondering about the gods, the extraterrestrial races and the possible reactions they may have upon arriving in our presence.

In 1978 Time Magazine published a report that predicted that Contemporary Protestant and Roman Catholic ‘theologians’–who have become accustomed to follow wherever ‘science’ seems to be leading – speculate in turn in the new realm of ‘exotheology’ (the ‘theology of outer space’) concerning what nature the ‘extraterrestrial’ races might have. It can hardly be denied that the myth behind science fiction has a powerful fascination even among many learned men of our day.

Furthermore, long before TIME Magazine analyzed predictive programming and religion, The respected psychoanalyst, Karl Jung pointed out many years ago that we had lost the ability to believe in salvation through a deity. It would not be too far of a stretch to compare the UFO/Alien/Abduction phenomenon as a modern religious experience. Even if you don’t believe that reports of UFO abduction are true, religious studies are now evolving and within a generation you will probably see the acceptance of an Exotheological Christ and an even more expanding Exotheological religious movement that uses Environmental concerns as the Chief cornerstone of faith. Our spiritual change, will include faith in the planet, faith in the universal whole and faith in an exotheological dogma which includes Alien beings.

Our future is up to those who try to shape it. Some people already know what the future holds because they have a hand in shaping what is to come. They are operatives and causal engineers. That is why there is such a fight among the elite to be at the wheel of spaceship earth.

For the majority of the world there is a need to have an externalized guide. That is why gods, and aliens have their role in our consciousness now. We are being programmed for the darkness to awaken, and an externalized fighting god to deliver the Promethean fire. The fire that is in us , our own divinity is what we must access now to save us from a premature Armageddon.

The elite have continually used the fear consciousness as a means to control. The end times that are spoken of are merely the end times for those who seek after such ends.
The end will come to those who are not prepared to evolve.