It is truly unfortunate that most of the people in the United States have been so caught up in the political rivalry, they do not know that war campaigning has been going on behind the scenes. The election process has been a very effective distraction from the looming battles awaiting us.

There has always been the ever present threat of world war and the technocrats have discussed how to fight new wars with new technologies in something called a complex threat environment.

A complex threat environment is technocratic news speak for political paranoia and the ideology that a war footing and full spectrum control will be needed in order to combat terrorists, foreign adversaries, criminals and violent gangs, cyber attackers and threats from outer space.

While foreign intelligence services continue traditional efforts to target political and military intelligence, counterintelligence threats now include efforts to obtain technologies that would be capable of mounting an attack on both the cyber space infrastructure and outer space dominance.

The general public may not be aware of a secret space program that has launched advanced technologies and payloads into space for future use in war campaigns.

In the new complex environment, a world war always is on the table and if it ever were to break out we can be absolutely certain that it would be significantly different. The relatively small-scale campaigns and the “boots on the ground “strategies that the United States has used in previous global conflicts will reduce in size. While nuclear weapons and a multitude of other technologies including robot soldiers would influence the nature of a third World War, should it ever take place.

Military communications are now space-based, ensuring the first battle for the heavens to ever be witnessed on the planet Earth. Cyberwar would also unquestionably be a central part of this conflict. A United States government, military and public which are accustomed to being the unchallenged superpower on the face of the planet would have to change this perception, and deal with a new paradigm in which the US can no longer automatically rely on dominating its rivals technologically.

There has been a lot of saber rattling again from North Korea. Last week, Kim Jong-un claimed his scientists had developed nuclear warheads small enough to fit on ballistic missiles. The claims were accompanied by pictures of the leader standing alongside what state media said was a miniaturized nuclear warhead. He even has gone on the record saying that North Korea has a mini hydrogen bomb.

South Korea’s defense ministry was skeptical about the claim, saying it thought the North had “not yet secured miniaturized nuclear warheads” and that it believes the North “hasn’t acquired re-entry technology.”

I had stated on a previous Ground Zero show not to underestimate North Korea in the midst of “experts” dismissing the claims of a hydrogen bomb because of the apparent yield of 10 kilotons or less.

The bomb while apparently being low yield could have been “boosted” using added tritium. Tritium is a radioactive isotope that is also known as Hydrogen 3. Tritium when added to a nuclear bomb makes it more energetic by boosting the amount of fissile material which goes through the chain reaction. This creates a bigger explosion. It is still lower than thermonuclear-level explosion.

So in essence and in a matter of speaking, the use of tritium would also be consistent with North Korea’s claim of using a hydrogen bomb.

I know this explanation may sound like a stretch but traces of tritium, used in the H-Bomb, have been detected in some North Korean low-yield tests, consistent with the creation of a super EMP weapon.

We speculated during the show Schrodinger’s bomb that a low yield nuke could be sent into space via satellite and then be detonated in space above a major city. This act would be one of the many “space war” demonstrations where what happens above us could be destructive down here on Earth.

After their claims of mini nukes being created North Korea launched a satellite to orbit. The satellite passed over the stadium where Super Bowl 50 was played just an hour after it ended.

NORAD has tracked at least two North Korean satellites; however Kim Jong-un has reported that they have launched four. North Korea calls them “Shining Star,” satellites and they complete their orbits around the earth in about 94 minutes.

When the Shining Star satellite passed over Levi Stadium, it was 300 miles up.

If a nuclear device designed to emit EMP were exploded 250 to 300 miles up over the middle of the country, it would disable the electronics in the entire United States.

Everything would shut down instantaneously.

This would disable the entire electric grid. It would disable communications, it would disable fuel manufacturing and production, it would disable hospitals and medicines, and it would disable 911 call centers.

Water treatment facilities and food storage facilities – everything would be gone.

Financial records would be wiped out. Your investments would be gone. Your medical records and prescriptions would be zapped.

Heating and air conditioning, supermarkets, telephones, and radio and television, banks and ATMs would shut down, credit cards would become useless, and hospital operating rooms would close.

While vehicles made before 1970 might still work, they would be useless. That’s because gasoline could not be obtained, and newer cars and trucks, disabled by the pulse, would block the roads and highways. In most cases, the damage to chips would be permanent. Because tow trucks would not operate, cars would never be cleared from roads.

The vast majority of Americans would die from starvation or disease or would freeze to death.

All this from an attack delivered from outer space.

According to a new article published in The Washington Free Beacon:

“The Pentagon and intelligence officials told Congress on Tuesday that China and Russia are preparing to attack and disrupt critical U.S. military and intelligence satellites in a future conflict with crippling space missiles, maneuvering satellite, and laser attacks.”

Air Force General John Hyten, Commander of the Air Force Space Command, said in a prepared statement for a hearing of the House Armed Service Strategic Forces subcommittee that the threat to U.S. space systems has reached a new tipping point, and after years of post-Cold War stagnation foreign states are focused on curbing U.S. space systems.

There are many ways to disable or destroy satellites beyond provocatively blowing them up with missiles. A spacecraft could simply approach a satellite and spray paint over its optics, or manually snap off its communications antennas, or destabilize its orbit.

Lasers can be used to temporarily disable or permanently damage a satellite’s components, particularly its delicate sensors, and radio or microwaves can jam or hijack transmissions to or from ground controllers.

Hyten then reported that adversaries are developing kinetic, directed-energy, and cyber tools to deny, degrade, and destroy our space capabilities.

In my new book, “Riding the Shock Wave” I published an investigation into alleged kinetic bombardment by the United States towards various chemical plants.

Two massive explosions in the port of Tianjin, northern China, killed more than a hundred people and left hundreds more injured and devastated large areas of the city.

It also left a huge crater in the ground.

The massive destruction was caught on a cell phone and the explosions were also felt as quakes registering 2.5 on the Richter scale.

The explosions took place at a warehouse at the port which contained hazardous and flammable chemicals, including calcium carbide, sodium cyanide, potassium nitrate, ammonium nitrate and sodium nitrate.

Officials to this day do not know what triggered the blasts or they are not reporting it because nationals who spoke to the American press allegedly off the record claimed that Tianjin explosion was waged as an act of “kinetic retaliation” by the Pentagon in response to China’s currency war Yuan devaluation. The weapon was a Tungsten rod apparently from Project Thor a secret space weapons platform that launches large poles that when they hit the ground cause the same damage as a low yield nuclear bomb.

The explosion from the so called rod – destroyed six city blocks.

This space weapon was of course paid for with the millions of dollars that are secretly funneled into Pentagon projects that are blasted into space during secret launches. Their payloads are classified and while the final frontier used to be a means to generate hope and accomplishment it is now that dark void that has become a junkyard and a potential mine filed for weapons and payloads for war.

Now that the defense budgets have stabilized there has been a keen interest in supplying money to the aerospace industry in order to create hypersonic aircraft. These aircraft go from six times the speed of sound to more than 20. Speed gives one an advantage in battle.

Recently, Lockheed Martin announced that the hypersonic air craft for space war capability could be produced for under $1 billion. A prototype could be flying by 2018.

Lockheed Martin’s Orion spacecraft could someday take astronauts to Mars. After a successful unmanned test flight in December 2014, the company is building the next version for a final unmanned flight in 2018 that will go 30,000 miles past the moon. Manned flights could begin in 2021, and it looks increasingly likely Orion will first go to the moon before heading to Mars.

Lockheed’s Skunk Works, where all of the company’s legendary aircraft have been conceived, is pitching the Air Force on its design of an unmanned replacement for the U-2 called the TRX. There’s still talk of a new SR-71 called the SR-72, though few details could be provided.

The company’s cybersecurity division said it is now selling products that not only defend networks but can conduct offensive maneuvers against enemies. One system called Icarus can take control of an enemy’s drone and perhaps satellites.

Not to be outdone, China is spending vast amounts of money on state-of-the-art technology projects, and with the potential to purchase off-the-shelf technologies as well, the world’s most populous nation now has the potential to rival even the most advanced US military hardware.

Last summer, Popular Science already blew the whistle on the secret space program and that Russia, China and the United States were already prepared for a space warfare scenario and this would indicate there has always been a secret space program that would fight wars in space, but also create a cause for orbital bombardment.

If we look back in history at proposed space weapons programs, we can see that there have always been plans in the works to make space the perfect place to keep weapons in order to have an advantage at first strike capabilities.

About 1,300 active satellites wreathe the globe in a crowded nest of orbits, providing worldwide communications, GPS navigation, weather forecasting and planetary surveillance. For militaries that rely on some of those satellites for modern warfare, space has become the ultimate high ground.

There is also circumstantial evidence suggesting that space platforms and even military outposts already exist on the moon and on Mars.

At the beginning of this year and all through last year, there have been a tremendous amount of reports and obvious cover-ups about unusual space debris falling to Earth, UFO sightings and fireball sightings all over the world. These anomalies have been followed by unexplained explosions, power outages and earthquakes.

While we have been plagued with discord here on Earth, I have been of the opinion that much of what we need to know is being played out in the skies. There are those who see them as signs and wonders, spoken of in the bible, but there is a possibility that the biblical war in heaven may be organized above us and ready for an all out cosmic campaign. Some say this as a sign of the end of the world.

What we are witnessing is the end of conventional warfare and the welcoming of a space battle – with both terrestrial and extra-terrestrial foes that government intelligence is ready to reveal when the time is right to unite in a new global order.