When you find yourself faced with the reality that fictional vampires have become a desensitizing force to the grim reality of demonic intrusion, one has to focus on the primary reason we fear monsters and that is the old “Good vs Evil argument.” Throughout history evil has to be dressed up and made sexy in order for people to be tempted into participating in it.

Evil has often been posited in literature and even in the bible as an over determined force. Evil from time infinitum has been used as a mile marker to monitor the growth of the spiritual human. Each time we have faced it and conquered it we become steps closer to what can be called divinity.

The vampire as a metaphor is the creature of the night that takes shortcuts in order to obtain immortality. The vampire’s life has within in it a dark counterfeit spirituality that is offered by a lesser being that no more cares for its existence than it does its own ability to permeate the world with wickedness.

Today the secular world does not really need a Satan to tempt it into becoming a doomed and blighted pariah. The public secular cult has already agreed upon the notion that psychopathic blood suckers can be voted for and put into power for the notion of protection.

Good and Evil however is in great demand for the coercion of good-natured Americans To act against a perceived evil that is often created by their vampiric overlords. The Persian dualistic demons are also being mentioned by satanic organizations like the Satanic Temple and the Dakhma of Ahriman Angra Manyu.

Baphomet is now the mascot that has been proposed to be planted in the parks near government institutions exposing their secret societies that breed magic behind the closed doors of government.

The ancient dualism that is making a comeback is most certainly showing mankind as a closeted vampire ready to pounce at any time. The focus of this ancient dualism is now on Islam.

Islam is now the propaganda enemy of the United States and as was pointed out in a previous Ground Zero show, the new movie Dracula Untold is the Dracula story updated for the times where we have real monsters to contend with namely radical Islam and ISIS.

It is the stamp of approval on Islamophobia and it may or may not apply depending on various viewpoints. We can say that it is racist update for the vampire legend or is it simply unpopular history that forces a Christian hero into making a pact with Satan in order to destroy the Mohammedans that threaten his kingdom.

Each journey into the vampire legend has always had a racially charged scapegoat and it has always been the race or tribe that most certainly wants to robe the resources from the other and do so whilst carrying out missions of rape, and bloodletting.

Bram Stoker’s original Victorian novel about Dracula had an anti-immigrant theme to it . It was explicitly about how those creepy Eastern Europeans were buying up British real estate and turning all the nice Western women into blood whores.

Most early Dracula movies, including the classic 1931 version with Hungarian actor Bela Lugosi, conflate the monster’s foreignness with his undeadness. If you look carefully at Lugosi as the vampire you see that he is wearing the Star of David. This may or may not be an indication of who the pariah was supposed to be in times where anti-Jewish sentiment ran high in Europe.

But the hatred of Eastern European immigrants became less relevant as time wore on. Eventually, as actors like Frank Langella and Gary Oldman were given the role, and the monster was rehabilitated as a handsome stranger whose foreign origins added to his gothic appeal.

It is also interesting to note that two actors that played the role of the Vampire were both cast as Jesus either before or after their brush with evil incarnate.

Bela Lugosi was known for playing Jesus in Hungarian Passion plays and Willem Dafoe played Nosferatu after his role as Jesus in The Last Temptation of Christ.

In the reboot of the classic tale of Vlad the Impaler, Dracula Untold seems to capture what most Americans are feeling about immigrants and Muslims.

Transylvania is under attack by Mehmet, the Turkish Sultan’s military leader. And nothing could be more upsetting to old Vlad than to find Turks on his land. That’s because when Vlad was a child, the Sultan demanded tribute in the form of strapping young boys to fill out his troops -— and Vlad’s father handed his son over to the Turkish, to be raised alongside Mehmet in the Ottoman Empire’s army.

The Sultan tells Vlad that he is looking for troops again, and he’s demanding 1,000 boys to join his army including Vlad’s son. Vlad realizes that there is a madman recluse that lives in a cave on a mountain top that legend has it is a cannibal.

Vlad believes that he needs a supernatural force to bring down the Turks and so he makes a deal with this demon.

To sum it all up the film is ultimately all about how a nice Christian prince turns himself into a demon to destroy a Muslim army. Seems to be a good metaphor for what is happening today.

The question is should the United States give up its moral cause and become murderous in order to slay the vampire known as ISIS?

While the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) shocks and horrifies the world with videos of mass executions and beheadings, ISIS terrorist Rabie Shehada, also known as “the Palestinian slayer,” has stepped forward to give appalled onlookers a clearer insight into the evil that inspires him and his colleagues. In a video he recently posted online, Shehada earnestly and quite proudly explained:

“I swear we are a people who love death for the sake of God just as you love to live. I swear we are a people who love drinking blood. We came to slaughter you.”

While many observers might be mystified and startled by the pronouncements of jihadi warriors such as Rabie Shehada, those who are knowledgeable of the practices of jihad and the ideological foundations on which they rest are well aware that the behavior of someone like Shehada is a completely normal and everyday thing in the world of Islamic warfare.

Obviously we are now faced with Nosferatu as a jihadi warrior.

The 26 year old militant is believed to be from Nazareth. Nazareth once associated with Jesus Christ is now a city in Israel with predominantly Arab population.

His family is shocked by all the talk of blood-drinking and is now afraid to talk with him. ISIS it appears has become a vampiric death cult. Jihad represents a craving for death. We all know that the obligation of the jihadi is not only to take the lives of others, but also their own lives, in a process that necessitates the spilling of human blood in every sphere.

We also know that ISIS are enemies of Israel and follow in the rich history of blood drinkers that have sworn death to those who oppose them.

The Amalekites a nomadic nation south of Palestine that were not Arabs but Edomites, and like the Edomites came to represent all enemies of Israel. They are thought to be of the bloodline of Cain the original vampire.

Cain drinking Abel's blood, from an illuminated manuscript

Cain drinking Abel’s blood, from an illuminated manuscript

All of them existed before Abraham and were the drinkers of blood spoken of in the ancient texts. Even when Hitler and his Nazi henchmen arrived on the scene, many Jews referred to them as Amalekites.

When other nations hesitated to harm God’s chosen ones, Amalek’s evil example induced them to join him in the fray. “Like a robber he waylaid Israel”; “like a swarm of locusts”; “like a leech eager for blood”; “like a fly looking for sores to feed on”; Amalek and the Amalekites like ISIS were vampires who fed on the blood of the Jews.

Amalek is a word that in some translations means “those who lick blood” or “those who wring necks for blood.”

Also the ISIS acronym and its association with the Goddess is an accidental identifier with ancient vampire lore.

In the Egyptian civilization the vampire were held in high esteem. Some of these Vampires even became kings, this can be seen in Egyptian art, as are cat people and werewolves.

These races were extremely powerful and the people treated them as gods, and their features showed how powerful they were. The race of the werewolves were called Ammut and Anubis, and with the race of the cat people they were called Sekmet and Bastet. These races worked together with Vampires in this period of history.

Osiris was the most popular vampire, he and his brother Set had been abandoned by their vampiric parents. The people who brought them up practiced magic, as well as having two human daughters of their own Isis and Nephytus.

While under their care Osiris and his brother Set were taught in the ways of magic as were Isis and Nephytus.

When Osiris became king he used all of his abilities and knowledge of magic to teach the humans to work the land and gain a good knowledge of agriculture. He ruled together with his wife Isis.

Set wanted to become more powerful because of his jealousy towards his brother and the position Osiris had attained, to gain this power he began to feed on the humans infecting them in order to create more vampires.

Together with these newly created vampires he murdered his brother Osiris, making himself king of Egypt.

Isis could not accept the fact that her husband had been murdered and began searching ways of bringing him back from the dead.

Horus her son with help of a powerful sorcerer Ra had placed a curse on Set and his human-vampires. The cursed that had laid on them was they could go into the sunlight or they would be destroyed, because of this curse Horus managed to defeat Set and his army.

Isis in the meanwhile had managed to bring back Osiris from the dead by using magic, but he remained bonded with the Netherworld.

There were many factions in Egypt that worshipped magic, one of these factions was created by vampire priest who was wrongly identified as the Egyptian god of wisdom Thoth. He used the Book of the Dead to sanctify vampires. He found ways of teaching Vampires to sleep without feeding from humans. Many Vampires managed to learn how to hibernate until it was time to waken.

Through magic, ways were found to strengthen the defenses of vampires when they slept, this was desperately needed for when the werewolf race returned.

When Osiris had been murdered by tricking him to get into a coffin, which was sealed and thrown in the Nile. Isis had managed to recover the coffin containing the remains of Orisis, but unfortunately Typhon found out about this and cut the corpse of Osiris into 14 pieces and spread them throughout the land. Isis did not give up and searched until she found almost all the pieces of her husband’s body, except for one part.

This part is known as the Djed or the Axis Mundi or the Qaf: a pillar that holds the heavens above the earth.

With the pieces she had found she wrapped them in linen, and performed a magical ceremony to bring her husband back from the land of the dead. This succeeded and now he was crowned the king of the dead.

The vampire overtures are once again becoming realities in Babylon and Assyria, even Palestine has been mentioned in what can be called a vampire jihad.

The Palestinians have been associated with Amalek since 1974 when Rabbi Moshe Ben-Tzion Ishbezari of Ramat Gan made the association in a book. The equation began to circulate in Gush Emunim circles, and its full implications were spelled out by Rabbi Yisrael Hess in 1980. A former campus rabbi of Bar-Ilan University, Hess published in the university’s student paper in February 1980 an article on “The Genocide Commandment in the Torah,” in which he concluded that:

“The day is not far when we shall be called to this holy war, to this commandment of the annihilation of Amalek.”

Hess’s reference to Amalekites was later taken in Israel to be an allusion to the Palestinian Arabs, especially since he spoke of a jihad.

“Against this holy war God declares a counter jihad … in order to emphasize that this is the background for the annihilation and that it is over this that the war is being waged and that it is not a conflict between two peoples…. God is not content that we annihilate Amalek — ‘blot out the memory of Amalek’ — he also enlists personally in this war, because, as has been said, he has a personal interest in this matter, this is the principal aim.

This would also explain why the Catholic church has enlisted the aid of hundreds of anointed exorcists to fight the war against evil. While exorcisms, in which demonic spirits are driven out of a supposedly possessed person, may seem a dark and even drastic measure, they have long been recognized by the Catholic church and several religions.

Pope Francis has expressed his belief in a literal Satan and that there will soon be a great war where gods army will prevail against the devil.

Could it be that this devil, is the same old reptilian vampiric blood drinker that we associate with Dracula and the old tales of vampires?

A recent thread on the Al-Falluja jihadist forum discussed the case of whether a Muslim who has nothing else to eat may kill an infidel in order to eat him. The discussion was prompted by a recently published book by Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi, one of the most influential jihadist sheikhs active today.

On June 13, 2009, a member of the Al-Falluja forum who uses the moniker “Al-Maqdisi’s Student” wrote a post based on a passage titled “Is it permitted to eat the flesh of American soldiers? A quote from the illustrious Sheikh Al-Maqdisi, may Allah preserve him.” He began by recounting an exchange between the early Muslim commander Khalid b. Al-Walid and the Byzantine commander at the battle of Yarmuk (in the year 636 C.E.) The Byzantine commander said to Khalid that the Muslims had only gone out from their land due to hunger, and offered to buy them off. Khalid responded:

“It was not hunger that drove us out of our land, as you say; we are a people who drink blood, and we know that there is no blood more delicious than Byzantine blood. That is why we came.”

“Al-Maqdisi’s Student” then cites the aforementioned passage from Al-Maqdisi’s Beginner’s Guide, and follows up with the words:

“The mujahideen should inform their belligerent [infidel] and apostate enemies of this exceptional law so that they can bring it up and study it at their conferences on human rights, counterterrorism, and so on! Then they in turn can proclaim that our soldiers lick their lips [at the thought of] eating the flesh of their hamburger- and Pepsi-eating soldiers!”

“If We… Eat Americans, Let’s Make Them Into A Gunpowder-Flavored Kabsa With Some Hors D’oeuvres Made Of Apostates.”

Most of the numerous responses to the post were off-topic. Some responses, however, did take up the flesh-eating issue. “Abu Hajir Al-Muqrin” wrote:

“If we are forced to eat Americans, let’s make them into a gunpowder-flavored kabsa with some hors d’oeuvres made of apostates.”

“Muhammad Al-Baghdadi” wrote:

“But the slaughtering needs to be according to the shari’a.”

He then wrote “perhaps this is the best way” above stills from the Nick Berg decapitation video.

“Al-Maqdisi’s Student” weighed in again towards the end of the thread and wrote:

“A true story: a group of mujahideen from one of the brigades was in the mountains during the jihad against the Russians. One of them was sent off on a mission; he went and came back, but he couldn’t find any of the brothers. He saw a roasted calf leg that the brothers in the brigade left for him for dinner, and he ate of it until he was full. When he went back to the main camp, the brothers saw him and offered him dinner! He said: praise Allah, I already ate! They said: Where did you find dinner? He said: You left me roasted calf leg! They said: No, no, that wasn’t calf, that was the leg of a Russian infidel! He answered: No matter, it’s all Islamic slaughter!

He ended his entry with a smiling emoticon.

vampire_blood emoticon

Other examples of people from ISIS and related groups drinking blood:

“Bottles of Christian blood for sale”

Syria rebel cuts out soldier’s heart and eats it

ISIS terrorist cutting mice in half to drink the blood.[WARNING: DISTURBING VIDEO.]