5/24/13: Order 66: The Jar Jar Binks Diplomacy


After seeing the newest ‘Star Trek‘ movie by J.J. Abrams a week ago, I am quite curious about how well Abrams will handle the responsibility of reviving ‘Star Wars’ and bringing it to the big screen again now that George Lucas has sold the franchise to Disney.

I was commenting to my colleagues how since Disney has bought the rights to ‘Star Wars’, you cannot escape the new barrage of stories about it on the internet, especially if you happen to be on a Yahoo site that seems to trend anything from Carrie Fisher’s mental condition to some mock argument between Harrison Ford and Chewbacca on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

I have heard all sorts of murmuring and a lot of disparaging commentary about how somewhere, somehow the overall relevance of ‘Star Wars’ may be lost because of merchandising and Disney’s talent for making things banal and meaningless.

The media constantly reminds us that ‘Star Wars’ is an integral part of our culture and that it will soon be “relevant” again when we are told that it is time to wait in line for a midnight showing of the first installment of a new trilogy that, by all reports, will turn into an ongoing saga that I will probably still be paying to see when I am an octogenarian.

Many political writers have speculated that when George Lucas wrote the new trilogy he was hiding, in plain sight, a bit of predictive programming about the fall of democracy to a cunning imperialist agenda. Hidden behind all the trappings of a childhood science fiction fantasy is the fall of a republic through stealthy infiltration and manipulation of public opinion.

Lucas has done what artists constantly do: created something that on the surface seems harmless, but that, as we dig deeper into the politics of ‘Star Wars’, reveals a story told – and played out – throughout history. From the Roman Empire to Nazi Germany, we have seen these stories, and are once more projecting them onto our reality while ignoring the consequences they have always brought.

I see it as a metaphor to hint that we must look into ourselves and wonder if we are on the right side or the wrong side. When we look into the mirror, are we seeing what we want to see, or the true image of what is happening?

There is more to what is going on than meets the eye.

Many people won’t see it, and needless to say, the media will not point out how the ‘Star Wars’ movies are a lesson in how fascism rises in times of crisis.

Using the media as a tool to engineer society, the powerful and shadowy elite give us bits and pieces of the vision. They expose us to abstract shadows. We are compelled to wait in long lines to be stimulated by the tricks of the flickering image, being told that it is only a movie when it is so much more.

We all see the same abstract picture, but everyone has a different opinion about what he or she is seeing or experiencing. This breeds speculation and eventually we begin to see popular spiritualism and the “church of the media.”

‘Star Wars’, like other science fiction and fantasy, only gives us a piece of the puzzle. There is always the possibility that there might be some dysfunctional views being served up and swallowed by the viewer.

The philosophy presented is not run by spiritual individuals but by those who wield immense power and unlimited financial resources. The paranoid view is that they can very well be injecting into the popular culture dangerous attitudes and destructive thought forms meant to discourage you or groom you into belief that all is lost.

The original .Star Wars. movies dealt with that which is good triumphing over that which is evil and destructive. The .Star Wars. movies today are not the same and many people who love these films have been saying all along that they lack something. I believe that what they lack is hope.

The Phantom Menace“, “The Attack of the Clones” and “The Revenge of the Sith” were accused of loading the American zeitgeist with the mythos–programming for war and the idea that a dark force is rising to control and manipulate with an iron fist, making power and destruction desirable over love, liberty and life.

The last installment of the original ‘Star Wars’ trilogy was shown in theaters 30 years ago and as I think back I am beginning to see that it is important to realize the synchronicity of the message considering world events and the loss of faith in democracy.

The rhyming of history is evident and even though the arrival of a new ‘Star Wars’ film is over a year away, it looks as if the media and the powerful Disney influence in this country wants us to rediscover the revelation of the method in order to understand that we as a nation are trending towards imperialism and what I call a naïve Jar Jar Binks policy of surrendering to an emergency plan in the midst of a crisis where democracy dies in a roar of thunderous applause.

‘Star Wars’ movies seem to paint a picture of balance through a system of meritocracy, which in this instance is the “good” force. This form of government gives a person a chance to rise to the top on the basis of individual merits. It is a great fantasy, to be sure, because we eventually see that the decay of a republic begins when ultimate power is sought by its leaders who disregard the individual and ignores his merits.

The republic presented in the ‘Star Wars’ films is portrayed as an initially suitable form of democracy, yet a fragile one which demonstrates an almost inherent tendency to fall into a state of decay, a process which eventually leads to a dictatorship.

We see a pattern that has repeated throughout history. Any republic will crumble under the weight of ultimate power, and perpetual war will is stimulated by public fear of that which we cannot see, but that we are told exists and is out to destroy us.

Putting all things into reality we must understand that the message conveyed in the mythos of ‘Star Wars’ is that perpetual war is an excuse for those in power to extend their executive powers. It takes away balance. The wave of dread cannot sustain itself without reaching a breaking point.

Americans seem not to understand that this is a reality and even in the guise of space creatures and masked villains there seems to be a disconnect between a republic, its constitutional rights and the very government that uses democracy as a cover for their crusade of globalist imperialism.

For example, we must reveal the harsh realities of the world now and how we are beginning to see a mission creep of sorts with how we are about to change the views of terrorism for the crusade of imperialism. The foundation has always been laid for the globalist empire and groups of vocal Americans that will demand that the wars continue even though they are unable to comprehend that these prolonged wars are multiplied in order to open the dialogue for a new form of government that is more akin to empire.

Take a look at how we are being set up for the new “normal” of a militarized police force in America. There won’t be marches of white-armor-clad storm troopers to remind us that the empire is in our vicinity, but we will be seeing armor-clad officers that look more like soldiers and not peace officers in our cities.

It is also chilling to understand that in the ‘Star Wars’ universe, the so-called “Clone Armies” were used as the militarized arm that was at first used to protect the republic. That was until the order was given by the new government to turn on the republic for the new policy of imperialism.

In our reality we can realize the chilling mission creep of the United States government gradually using the police and military to do practically the same. Keep in mind that the “war on terror” is changing into a mission to eliminate,e by order of the President, anyone whom he feels is a threat to the empire.

This is a “dirty war,” plain and simple and we need to realize this.

In the movie ‘Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith’, there was a moment where the rebellion was in full force and it appeared that it was going to be successful. The Jedi were able to stand for truth and justice and wanted to restore peace in the galaxy by toppling the threat of the Empire.

There were armies that were fighting alongside the Jedi and it seemed that the Emperor was on the side of the rebellion. What was not understood was that the Emperor secretly wanted to crush democracy and by his power was able to use the rebellion to his advantage. He then gave an order. It was Order 66. Order 66 was used to convince the rebelling armies to turn on the Jedi.

The result was mass murder and the rise of the Galactic Empire. Order 66 was used to recruit well intentioned rebels into fighting for what they thought was change in the republic. It turned out that the change was a fascist movement. The mission creep was an anything-goes policy. Civilians were fair game and considered legitimate targets. Death squads were used to target them.

The operation went from being covert to overt and now, in reality, we see the same operation being carried out. We will soon be in a position where we will not be able to trust anyone.

American politics are evil. They are manipulative and are based on lies and deceit. The policies of imperialism have been covert for many years and now they are no longer hiding their intentions. We are now in the business of colonialism. We want to expand our empire.

According to a recent online poll, 60% of Americans oppose US intervention in Syria. Only 12% support it.

President Obama hates the Internet and believes that it fuels terrorism. It is obvious that he pays no attention to public opinion. Overtly he resists arming opposition fighters. Covertly he’s been doing it all along. It is obvious that hypocrisy defines his administration and we already can assume that what he is doing makes him look like his predecessors.

Many will say that George Bush and Dick Cheney et al are war criminals and the grim reality is that Obama could be considered a war criminal multiple times over. He remains unaccountable for unconscionable crimes; however, it is a hard sell to a people who believe that the republic will survive no matter what happens and that history is favoring the undertakings of a man who allegedly fulfills the dreams of a young America.

Here we see illustrated the naiveté of another character in the ‘Star Wars’ mythos: Jar Jar Binks.

If you recall, Jar Jar Binks was a junior representative of Naboo who trusted the new direction of the republic and gave all emergency powers to the imperialist Chancellor in order to deal with the Separatist Crisis. He unwittingly became a co-conspirator in the new imperialism – the mirror image of what we are doing with Israel.

The United States and Israel have been longstanding imperial partners. It was remarkable how the bombings in Syria were viral on the Internet and not in the mainstream news.

Clearly, we are seeing an escalation towards a centralized intelligence operation where the republic is fooled into believing that we are spreading the good policies of democracy when the reality is that we are dissolving the republic and democracy in favor of a new globalist order.