It appears that we are somehow caught up in an existence that seems to be playing out like a horror movie or a role playing game. No matter how the 20 sided dice rolls we always end up back at the point we call Ground Zero. Many say that we live on earth to learn various lessons. Some see life as an adventure that at times leaves us ominous clues as to where we are headed in the future.

Some have already sounded the alarm and lest we forget it is important to discuss what we have learned in the past, what we know now, and what is potentially going to happen in time.

Thomas Eric Duncan reportedly died today October 8th, 2014 of the hemorrhagic Ebola Virus. He was called patient zero and was the first known patient to die in the United States of the disease.

It is important to note that information from Liberia and Israeli news sources reported that his death happened on Sunday October 5th, 2014. There have been a number of attempts at trying to rule these reports as disinformation however there has been buzz about what exactly the definition of living was since he was being kept alive after his internal organs began to fail and that he was on dialysis.

Earlier this week, Mr. Duncan’s condition had worsened from serious to critical as medical personnel worked to support his fluid and electrolyte levels, crucial to recovery in a disease that causes internal bleeding, vomiting and diarrhea.

There has been other rumors about the death of Duncan that have been passed along, one in particular was that he was actually killed by a hospital official to end his suffering. This was first argued when it was brought up that Duncan was not treated with the controversial experimental drug that both Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol were treated with in Atlanta. Both had Ebola, both were critical and both have survived.

The media had reported that he was treated with the drug.

This has triggered a serious discussion over whether or not Duncan was left to die because he was a black man. Once again the possibility of a Ebola being used as a divisive tool in a possible race war has been brought up again and many people are curious of there is an even deeper conspiracy and that in the future there will be people that will not receive a cure if they contract the disease. The experimental drug that has been used on the two patients in Atlanta is called ZMAPP.

ZMapp is a cocktail of three monoclonal antibodies, or human proteins that are literally GMO’s that grow in tobacco plants.

ZMapp is a Miracle of what can be called Franken Pharma that produced by company in San Diego. The company that is producing it is known as Mapp Biopharmaceuticals, and they have indicated that they had tested ZMapp in 7 primates with Ebola, 4 of which died.

These odds have to be indicated as to decide whether or not you believe that ZMAPP was not administered to Duncan.

Scientists acknowledge that despite the new efforts, they may not be able to produce more than a few hundred treatment courses by early next spring. That will be far behind the international demand and will confront officials with life-and-death challenges of rationing and priorities.

Officials with the Department of Health and Human Services are now in advanced talks with a Texas company that could produce the drug in millions of tobacco plants.

The New York Times also reported that the US government and two of the world’s biggest charities — the Gates Foundation and the Wellcome Trust – are in talks to arrange for production of ZMapp in animal cells, Just when you thought Franken Pharma could not get any more creepy, the chimera option is also being investigated and funded by DARPA, Monsanto , and the Pharmaceutical company Tekmira.

We have reported earlier that Tekmira is the pharmaceutical company that has been working on the serum to treat Ebola. But as ZMAPP was allegedly used on Duncan, the serum trial provided by Tekmira had been placed on hold while executives gathered information about how the drug works in the body per the request of the FDA.

So ZMAPP worked on Brantly and Writebol and not on Duncan. This again has aroused suspicion and anger. Whatever is in ZMAPP it has most certainly been an effective tool for cleaning up Ebola in Dr. Kent Brantly.

It has been reported that Dr. Brantly is now well enough to donate his blood to help U.S. journalist Ashoka Mukpo fight the virus, according to the Nebraska Medical Center, where Mukpo is receiving treatment.

Brantly just happened to be traveling nearby in Kansas City, Missouri, when he received a call from Dr. Angela Hewlett, the associate medical director at the Bio-containment Unit at the Nebraska Medical Center, asking for his help, the hospital added. The 31-year-old doctor stopped to donate blood that was then flown to the Nebraska Medical Center.

It seems that when we are dealing with Ebola miracles and synchronicities never seem to surprise us.

Thomas Duncan coincidentally was said to have died of the blood borne hemorrhagic disease during a day where the “blood moon” of the tetrad occurred. While lunar eclipses are common, the claim that a man dying of a disorder that causes internal bleeding on the day the moon appears to be blood red or turns to blood creates a chilling synchronicity that is worth looking into from an occult perspective.

In ancient and modern occultism blood holds an important place in what can be seen as the ritualized offering. If an offering of sacrifice whether it be animal, child or adult is made during certain dates, at certain locations and during certain celestial events its power and importance is increased and the end result is certain to be more satisfactory to the one who offers it.

If Thomas Duncan was being kept alive artificially from the date on Sunday, there was a three day waiting period before the official declaration of death on the day of the lunar eclipse or blood moon.

Remember that Duncan was taken to a Hospital in Dallas Texas, located near the 33rd North parallel an area that has been nicknamed the death latitude in mystical toponomy.

It is in these locations where many bloodletting rituals have taken place from the JFK assassination to the bombing of Japan.

This also brings up another topic that is not spoken of in open conversation because of the secret of the power of blood, bloodletting, and the astral light it contains. On a purely esoteric level, the idea of the blood or hemorrhagic confluence with the blood moon leads us into theories of thaumaturgy.

This word deals with “miracle working” or being able to do “blood” magic or earth spells. It is a word that means literally “Wonder working” where wonders will be shown and it will create a change in how we see the planet and its relationship with earth.

The word was first anglicized and used in the magical sense in John Dee’s book Mathematical Preface to Euclid’s Elements. He mentions “thaumaturgy as a blood ritual which gives certain order to make strange things happen, or to create “signs” or miraculous harbingers on earth or in the sky. It can be used to animate objects, raise the dead, unleash dis-incarnate spirits, change the chemical makeup of objects, turn blood to water and water to blood.

Thaumaturgy could also be used to describe the actions of Moses in the Biblical account of the Egyptian plagues. Moses and Aaron would throw down his staff and it would transform into a serpent. In order to change Pharaoh’s mind Moses also worked the magical wonder of turning all of the waters of the land of Egypt into blood.

This is a very important point to ponder when you realize that Thomas Duncan reportedly died on the day of Sukkot a Jewish holy day that commemorates the story outlined in the Book of Exodus in which the Israelites left Egypt and traveled for 40 years in the Sinai Desert before they entered the Holy Land.

According to the website “Exploring Thaumaturgy” Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa (1487-1535), in his monumental tome Of Occult Philosophy, wrote:

“It is now manifest that the occult properties in things are not from the nature of the Elements, but infused from above, hid from our senses, and scarce at last known by our reason, which indeed come from the Life, and the Spirit of the World.”

In other words all from within is why things come at us from the outside. Every cause has an effect and every idea has its debut.

The monster, tulpa and egregore of the vampiric hunger has been spawned by our exposure to the apocalyptic predictive programming that has primed us and readied us for various strains, plagues and contagions that will infect our blood. These very same diseases have spawned legends of the Zombie and the Legion. The legion of course is the result of the vampire plagues that have been depicted in Movies like “The Omega Man” and “I am Legend.” We are also seeing weekly television broadcasts of “The Strain “ which coincidentally mixes deadly blood contagion with the vampiric mythologies.

The blood moon of the tetrad is merely a sign that clearly indicates the old hermetic axiom “As above so below.”

If it applies to patient zero then perhaps we have achieved a new type of ground zero.

That would be the human mind, soul, body and life force that for centuries has been seen as capable of transmogrification in the new alchemical working.