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The still technically experimental COVID mRNA vaccines will soon be approved for children under the age of 5 – something Dr. Anthony Fauci has repeatedly warned was only a matter of time – as Pfizer has just confirmed that it has submitted data from its experimental trials on young children, toddlers and infants to the FDA for review.

The Washington Post reported that Pfizer expects jabs to be approved and made available for the youngest Americans by the end of the month and that the company is submitting its data to regulators on Tuesday. The data would cover patients between 6 months and five years of age.

The media is reporting that parents are overjoyed at hearing the news. I say that this is a creepy and terrible thing to hear.

The drug companies have pushed this at a rapid pace, much sooner than what was predicted.

Perhaps the rush is because this thing will be over soon… and along with it all the money-making opportunities?

Children are much less likely to die from COVID than even a healthy adult.

I feel so bad about this because as I have said — think of how the youth of this world have so much to do — so much they can accomplish and yet this is just one more thing that they must have injected into their bodies.

If your kids are young and healthy -why would you want to push them into a world where they have to face a lifetime of jabs and boosters against a disease that is almost exclusively dangerous to old people and people with comorbidities?

The Biden administration reportedly assured The Washington Post that there’s nothing to fear about speeding up the vaccine’s approval for children. After all, there is “a consensus” among health officials in “seeing this move forward.”

The political platform push for mandatory changes in the American lifestyle is the reason why there is so much irrationality and confusion around issues about the health and wellbeing of Americans. It’s not just about the scientific debate. Because no matter where you stand on the validity of these abusive social changes there are plenty of myths, and what the media is calling misinformation and its cousin disinformation.

It is a lesson in covering one’s own ass and in the process, the people become cheerleaders for their own demise because they opt not to pay attention to what has been peddled to them and how there has to be a sound debate about issues in order for us to process the pros and cons of any issue.

But of course, in the era of liberal piety, the issues that need vital debate are hijacked and dismissed. Anything uncomfortable or inconvenient for the narrative becomes conspiracy theory or misinformation.

This is a dangerous turn for the republic and this issue needs to be brought up especially as people are now eager to get on with their lives.

When anyone tries to speak about any issue and try to ascertain ethics they are told that they are anti-science and irresponsible or that if you don’t play ball you are a denier or a person who is ready to mount some sort of insurrection.

It is becoming tiresome, exhausting, because of the stress.

It is abusive behavior that has been mandated at the top and as they say a dead fish rots from the top down.

I am hoping that you are seeing this picture and understanding what abuse of power is and how it demeans other people’s dignity and their ability to have moral agency and the right to dignity.

Today I noticed that the media continues to report on the so-called sins of Joe Rogan. The attacks are relentless. We have seen this before with the likes of Alex Jones. While I have had my share of threats and advertisers pulling their support — I was forced into being independent and moving my material to my own digital playground to be safe.

Information is difficult to get out to people and so it must be privatized and paid for. If you answer to corporations — you have to curtail what you say and if you wind up on the radar of the media — you have to go on an apology tour or be the victim of a show trial and then it is not enough.

Also, it is interesting to see how selective all of this is.

It was announced that Rachel Maddow of MSNBC will be taking a hiatus from her prime time show until April to work on a new podcast and that a movie is being made of her first book and podcast about former Vice President Spiro Agnew.

Timing everything especially when the attacks on Joe Rogan have backfired and Maddow is now being grilled on how one of her comments in March of last year backfired when she made the claim that the vaccine will stop Covid dead in its tracks.


Well now we know that this is misinformation and yet she hopes that people forget –and they will have enough time to forget during her hiatus.

It is also interesting to uncover why Neil Young may have been so animate about removing his songs from Spotify. Could it be that Young answers indirectly to Pfizer?

There is a connection that should not be overlooked.

Neil young’s catalogue was bought by the drug and chemical company Merck. Merck owns Hipgosis group who is also owned by Blackstone which is a 1Billion dollar music venture. Blackstone’s chairman is former Pfizer CEO Jeffrey Kindler.

You may remember that Blackstone actually purchased Ancestry.com before the pandemic. The question is why did an investment company buy ancestry.com at the beginning of a pandemic.

Ancestry DNA kits were the best-selling non-Amazon-branded product sold through Amazon and were pushed as gifts prior to the COVID-19 outbreak from 2018 until 2019.

They have amassed millions of genetic profiles from customers who unwittingly consented to be studied, one of the biggest genetic research resources in the US. And because most of those people fill out lots of surveys, each genetic profile comes attached to about 300 phenotypic data points — like how many cigarettes you’ve smoked during your lifetime or if anyone in your family has ever been diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment.

Many of these DNA sample companies have been under investigation ramping up their research collaborations with outside academics and they are expanding their DNA database worldwide.

Why are they expanding DNA databases? Well, there is the story that this is to improve treatments for emerging diseases but it can also be used to target certain individuals for Gain of Function research.

DNA and genotyping data — it is a big business and now Blackstone has a piece of the pie. Blackstone has interests in vaccine distribution and other DNA-based and Eugenics-based operations.

The value is in the process of extracting even more information from each customer’s genetic profile, association studies to power new consumer reports, basically, anything that will make the spit kit and database a tool for more genotype, biological weapons.

Neil Young pulling his music –is because the big dogs at Blackstone did not like what Joe Rogan said about the side effects of the vaccines.

Rogan said on his podcast “This is not a vaccine; this is essentially a gene therapy.” One of Rogan’s most controversial guests has been the virologist, Robert Malone.

Malone was banned from Twitter in December last year for violating its Covid misinformation policies. He appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast shortly afterward.

Malone suggested that people who are vaccinated after having Covid-19 are at greater risk of adverse side effects. Rogan stated that young people stand the risk of getting Myocarditis from the vaccine –this has been reported as a side effect of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Myocarditis is an inflammation of the heart muscle–while doctors acknowledge the side effect, many report that it is rare.

But rare is subjective. Yes, it is rare if you look at per 100 million I think it was 12 per 100 million was the number. So technically that is rare, but some people are still going to be affected by this.

However, research has shown that this condition, which can lead to shortness of breath, chest pain, and heart failure is also rarely reported and we are now seeing young people, and even sports figures and celebrities dropping dead from strokes and heart failure after they receive a booster.

Coincidentally a new study that has been published in the U.K. is saying that there appears to be an uptick in cases of Aortic Stenosis. Now I want to clarify that this so far is not connected to the vaccine — it is highly coincidental that this may be the next wave of health problems following the use of these vaccines.

According to the report, almost 300,000 people in the UK could have a potentially deadly heart valve disease with close to 100,000 not even showing any symptoms.

Many who have the issue are only diagnosed when it is too late for treatment.

If it is caught early, the condition can be monitored by doctors. Surgery, including replacing the aortic valve in an open-heart procedure, can be necessary.

Again, the media has found another reason for you to have a heart attack. It has been reported that many of these heart problems that have been reported are not side effects from the jab but are related to Covid stress or that long haul Coves triggers atrial fibrillation and blood clots that can lead to a heart attack or stroke.

Now we have to deal with the silent killer Aortic Stenosis. Even though the study was carried out in the U.K. you can bet that the condition will be diagnosed in many people here in the United States.

Just before Christmas, we did a show called  A GRINCH TO GROW AN INCH (HOW HIS HEART GREW THREE SIZES) with Dr. Kevin McCairn, a British Doctor and heart and blood disease specialist practicing in Japan. he has been very resourceful in giving us a balanced view of what we are up against.

Since the beginning of the mass vaccination campaign, there have been a number of anecdotal stories of heart complications resulting from the shot. These were passed off in the media as isolated incidents, coincidences, or just plain misinformation, as the public was continually gas-lit about the incredible safety of the COVID vaccines.

When the FDA announced that they would be adding a warning to the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines of a rare heart inflammation side effect (myocarditis), many of us were surprised – not that the vaccines can cause heart inflammation, but that the FDA actually admitted it!

But if Dr. Malone or Joe Rogan says it — then it must be disinformation. If Doctors in Britain say that heart complications like Aortic stenosis become endemic then we may reach a point of capacity where health officials can’t treat it.

Convenient, isn’t it?

It is also chillingly biblical as it was predicted as a sign of the apocalypse. In the Book of Luke it says that in the times of the apocalypse “Men’s hearts will be failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.”

Those with Aortic Stenosis can suffer fatigue, chest pains, dizzy spells, and even sudden death. Known complications include blood clots, which can lead to strokes or heart attacks.

Now, you could argue this is just a coincidence, a routinely hysterical public health scare story that just happened to land in the middle of the pandemic.

NowI know that Aortic Stenosis is a well-known heart and valve disorder — but it isn’t one of those diseases that comes up like diabetes or breast cancer. It really hasn’t been a talking point until now.

There was scant mention of the condition in the media for the past ten years. Only a handful of articles about celebrities having the condition or academic papers about new treatments.

It has just been thrust into zeitgeist — and that is an interesting coincidence.

It should also not be forgotten that this is not the first time an explanation for future heart attacks has been predicted. We have been hearing about pre-emptive explanations of cardiac arrest for weeks.

Remember the reports of “post-pandemic stress disorder?” We are to believe that this was not totally made up — in order to cover up heart problems from the vaccines.

All the major Covid vaccines are known to have cardiac-related side effects, and yes, some doctors are now predicting a major spike in heart-related health problems, but they tell us that these are totally unrelated.

So, the programming by the media and big pharma runs so fundamentally deep. Even these people after having a loved one die of an event because of a vaccine, still recommend that everyone else should get it. It’s just bizarre really. It’s totally bizarre.

It’s very difficult to understand this kind of mindset I think but it seems as though they have so much faith that the authorities are doing their best to provide honest information and essentially look out for their health. They are exporting all of the responsibility that they should be taking for their own health and putting it in the hands of big pharma essentially. If that happens, we’re going to see parents and guardians’ hand over their children and run the risk of having them die.

But let’s say that they don’t die and that seems to be the majority as opposed to the rare cases, but what is to say that the vaccine doesn’t contribute to an enlarged heart at 30 — I am sure it never crosses the mind of a child who gets a vaccine that when they reach the age of 30, they could die of a heart attack brought in by a vaccine.

Of course, that is wild speculation but you never really know, especially when those who are behind the vaccines are Malthusian billionaires that want to reduce the population to 500 million.

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