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Charles Fort, an early 20th century writer and researcher, is famous for his work on the odd and the unusual that didn’t fit into a neat understanding according to the science of the time. People who are inspired by him are called, Forteans. I consider myself a Fortean rather than a conspiracy theorist because I like to analyze and report on weird stories, both political and non-political.
Fort spent years scouring the great Public Library in London looking for articles relating to certain phenomenon such as falls of frogs and fish, stones being thrown at houses from nowhere, animals from one continent being seen on another where they should not exist, as well as ball lightning, spontaneous human combustion and other oddities.
He felt that science was not being true to its own tenets since almost all such incidences were washed over with banal and mundane explanations that were simply pulled out of the air by scientists refusing to sully their hands with further research.
Forteans are mostly creative and imaginative and we are also highly speculative. We go through life like children do on Christmas day. Everything we see from the darkest doom to the most funny and inspirational as a joyful experience that sums up all things living on planet Earth.
Charles Fort is well known for his quote about where he saw humans in the big picture.
Fort once stated that “The Earth is a farm, we are someone else’s property” Simply put, Fort was saying that humans are in a contained environment like an alien ant farm.

Originally Broadcast On 9/14/2016

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