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Heavy rains over the course of several days have caused flooding on the Oregon coast, with rivers overflowing their banks and ocean waves moving in causing severe damage and stranding people.
This is the worst flooding that has been seen there in a long time. Many beaches along the Pacific coast have been flooded out by heavy rain and high tides.
In fact, some people are saying that the “snow moon” may have something to do with the flooding as the skies will be having a trifecta of a snow moon, a New Year comet, and an eclipse.
We know that the moon has an effect on the tides which are strongest when the sun and moon are aligned.
It’s small, the moon, but so close that its gravity stretches and compresses the water across the globe, into high and low tides called spring and neap tide, respectively. It pulls on the Earth’s crust, too, but only a tiny bit, especially compared to the breath-like rise and fall of an ocean.

Originally Broadcast On 2/10/17

Ground Zero: Aftermath

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