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The Dark Man, the Grinning Man, Omul Negru – the man with the Black Hat has many names. When a shadow archetype manifests, it confronts us with the truth about ourselves. These dark archetypes are already programmed into our core belief system. They do not belong in this dimension but they find ways to get in and appear on the periphery of our vision. Human consciousness is being prepped and readied for the new sphere of influence that seems to be a bit more chaotic and from a darker realm of existence. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with paranormal researcher and author, Heidi Hollis about DARKMAN – A DARK GRINNING MAN IN A HAT.

Originally Broadcast On 6/27/22

Tonight's Guest

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Heidi Hollis

Heidi Hollis is a unique voice in this paranormally challenged world of ours. She is the first author to write about the topic of Shadow People® and The Hat Man®, giving them both their descriptive names to describe these dark menaces now interrupting lives around the globe. Heidi Hollis is the first to have taken them on in her book The Secret War, which details her personal story in dealing with Shadow People, and how positive and negative alien beings are connected to them! Her book, The Hat Man: The True Story of Evil Encounters, is proving to be one of the hottest paranormal books and topics out there! Hollis directly taps into the topic that has haunted her and the thousands who have contacted her over the years about this dark man seen worldwide. Nothing is held back as she delves into who The Hat Man® is, what he's doing and how we can all stop him! "The Hat Man: A Guide In Comics On How To Get Rid Of Dark Beings For All Ages," is an illustrated and fun guide Hollis illustrated to demonstrate on how to clear one's life of any dark entity. Bwah-ha-ha! Hollis has a friendly approach to taking on unusual topics, using her personal journeys and healthy sense of humor as an example! Hollis is not just a "spooky writer"- in fact her acclaimed book, Jesus Is No Joke, is based on personal and on-the-level encounters with Jesus and visits to both Heaven and Hell. Her book Picture Prayers is based on a new method of prayer done visually as taught in an angelic encounter, which may one day lead us all to communicating telepathically with each other! Be sure to check out her books on Faith with comics--one book for adults and one for children you can see here: The Other "F" Word Hollis feels you don't have to be SO hard on yourself be comfy in your faith to take on these dark beings. With her fun steps, she helps show you how! Hollis has been featured on various television and radio programs around the world. Most notably, she has appeared on The Unexplained Files, Beyond Belief, The Science Channel, TBS, SyFy Channel/Steven Spielberg’s “Taken” Tour, Strange Evidence, several appearances on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, Telemundo, Discovery Channel’s Mystery Hunters and a cast member of the Discovery Channel pilot/series X-OPS. Heidi Hollis pic Millions and Millions... Hollis has been heard by millions on the various radio programs she's either hosted or been a guest on. She loves to answer people's questions when it comes to their personal experiences of any mystery. She is often sought out worldwide on the subject of Shadow People® and The Hat Man®, as the foremost expert on these topics. She is also a practicing therapist and currently lives in California!

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