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The episode began with an eerie, dramatized call to the president, suggesting unseen forces at work, “monsters” in the Oval Office, and an ominous warning to “look behind you.” This was an apt prelude to the intense discussion that followed.

With growing concerns about fascism and the corrosion of democracy in the United States, Sottile and Lewis discussed the uncomfortable reality of a so-called deep state, a web of entrenched interests operating within and across official governmental structures.

Listeners were urged to wake up to manipulations that have been spoken of by many profound writers throughout history, including H.G. Wells, George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, and others who envisaged dystopian futures dominated by unseen cabals and omnipotent states.

Sottile’s conversation with Lewis pivoted around the controversial claim that this leviathan ‘octopus’ of power doesn’t restrict its reach to an amorphous global entity but has tangible tentacles in pointed political spheres, diplomacy, intelligence, and even the White House.With Michael Flynn’s resignation as National Security Advisor only weeks into President Donald Trump’s term, the discussion moved into contemporary issues.

Was Flynn’s departure part of a pattern tracing back to administrations past, where dossiers and blackmail were tools wielded by shadow operatives to maintain control? The conversation certainly made listeners question the integrity of political processes and the vulnerability of leaders who step out of line with the desires of a powerful, deep-rooted establishment.The interview concluded with a momentous and chilling realization: this ‘deep state’ isn’t just working against disruptive elements or foreign adversaries;

it’s now apparently engaged in a domestic power struggle where the future of American governance is at stake. And all of this set within a parapolitical framework that challenges even the most stable perceptions of what America stands for.If these discussions pique your interest, make sure to tune into Ground Zero and follow Clyde Lewis and JP Sottile as they continue to uncover what’s really happening behind the political curtain.

And remember, as the politics become increasingly convoluted and the lines of ethics more blurred, it’s our duty as citizens to remain informed, skeptic and, above all, vigilant.

You can catch Ground Zero on GroundZero.radio, where you can find a list of radio stations streaming the program. If you re having trouble finding the full three-hour show near you, Lewis encourages you to contact your local program director or station to request it.

Additionally, previous episodes are available on SoundCloud or for listening by phone.Don’t forget to explore the knowledge Lewis and others have published, which you can find for purchase at GroundZeroMerch.com, alongside other Ground Zero swag.Stay awake, stay aware, stay safe, and always be prepared to look deeper.

Originally Broadcast On 3/8/17

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