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Welcome back to another episode of Ground Zero with your host, Clyde Lewis. Tonight we’re diving into the fascinating topic of ghosts and their alleged ability to haunt the living. From ancient myths to modern-day paranormal investigations, there have been countless stories of spirits returning to seek revenge or simply linger in our world. But what if these ghostly apparitions are not just figments of our imagination? What if they’re actually using quantum entanglement to appear before us?
That’s the premise of tonight’s show, as we explore the idea that ghosts may be able to borrow from us our life energy in order to manifest. Some societies revere their ancestors and believe that these spirits continue to watch over them, while others fear the wrath of angry ghosts who seek revenge on the living. But what if there’s more to it than just myth and legend?

Joining Clyde Lewis tonight are paranormal investigators Ryan Mick, Russell Marquez, and Aaron Collins as they discuss their experiences with ghosts and explore the possibility that quantum entanglement may be at play. Are these supernatural entities simply manifestations of our own fears and desires, or do they have a more tangible existence?

Originally Broadcast On 3/21/24

Ground Zero: Aftermath

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