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Welcome to another episode of Ground Zero Classics! Today we’re diving into the mysterious world of ice magneto glitches, where strange magnetic energy is stirring up 80 ft. ocean waves and leaving many people baffled. Some scientists believe that this anomaly may be connected to the South Atlantic Anomaly, a powerful magnetic vortex that exists in Antarctica. This vortex or portal has been at the center of stories about UFOs and aliens for years now, with many elites flocking to visit the continent shrouded in mystery.

But what’s really going on here? Satellite observations have shown various entrances built into the side of mountains, some claiming they’ve seen saucer-shaped craft on the ice and artificial structures like pyramids buried in the snow. And we have proof of unusual communication characterized by bizarre particles that keep flying out of Antarctica’s ice, which may very well shatter modern physics. 

Join us tonight as Clyde Lewis talks with Brad Olsen and Ron Janix about ICE MAGNETO – THE GLITCH IS BACK! Tune in at 7-10pm Pacific Time for a fascinating exploration of this mysterious phenomenon.

Originally Broadcast on 18/4/24 

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