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Episode 411 – TECHNOLOJESUS 666

Welcome back to Ground Zero Classics, where we dive deep into the world of pop culture and explore its impact on society. Tonight, host Clyde Lewis is here to discuss a topic that has been gaining traction in recent years – Techno Jesus or Messiah.
In this episode, Clyde will delve into how technology and synthetic spirituality are being used as tools for miracles by those who believe themselves to be the next messiah. He’ll explore the dangers of these tech-oriented religious movements and why they represent a departure from traditional cult strategies.
But that’s not all – Clyde will also discuss how this phenomenon is happening faster than we think, making it even more urgent for us to understand its implications. So tune in tonight as Clyde Lewis talks about Techno Jesus 666 on Ground Zero Classics.

Originally Broadcast On 10/18/19

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