There have been many occasions where I have declared that I am a Fortean. When I say this there are a few people out there that without understanding believe that it is some new religion they have never heard of and tell me that I need Jesus and being a follower of Charles Fort is a sin.

I can safely tell you that being a Fortean is probably about as harmless as being a Trekkie or an avid fan of the X-Files. Charles Fort was widely known as the chronicler of what are now called “Forteana,” bizarre anomalies and mysteries that change the current perception of reality, whether it be religious or scientific.

This puts me in that neutral position about anomalous topics and the strangeness of what life is. The miracle of what we witness every day no matter how bizarre or frightening.

People fear what they do not understand.

In order to overcome fears and prejudices it is important to embrace that which you fear, learn about it, and then it will become less of a source of anxiety. However there are some people that are trapped in the illusions. They do not realize that much of what they think is truth changes like that of a hat or a t-shirt and then it becomes a shocking blow to their cognitive resonance.

Millions are convinced, merely on the words of others, that there are invisible creatures of such as gods, messiahs, virgin mothers, angels, and devils, who are directing life behind the scenes.

Of course there is now the prevailing philosophy that even extra terrestrials have guided us anciently and that there are ancient scrolls and tablets that indicates that they will return again. However their return may not be as easy as we might think. In fact the appearance or even the arrival of these ancient gods or intelligent beings could mean doomsday for some of us and so the very idea of this has been blue printed and laid out in the various mythologies that speak of eschaton or the apocalypse.

The apocalypse stories tell us that only the “good” survive the ordeal that the gods play favorites in the game—however it may become prudent to understand that throughout history it has not been a matter of good and bad that guarantees life and endurance , it has been a matter of survival of the fittest. Our various evils over time have been adjusted to fit the epoch, and so we see that without a moral compass the amorality of human kind will once again place it in a place of survival and endurance.

We would become more like beasts than like man and so it is important that morality survives even in the worst of circumstances.

We have been told that we should not question the authorities who literally enslave us and that their rules, established religions, politics and science are the sources for “received wisdom.” However, when the truly bizarre, paranormal and unexplainable occurs, we see the upheaval of all of our established paradigms of reality.

This is why I share an interest in Forteana, it has nothing to do with a religion, and it has everything to do with thinking that anything is possible.

In my household it seems that the television stays on the History Channel and of course one of the more popular programs is “Ancient Aliens.” For some people even entertaining the thought of reading ancient tablets, or exploring ancient ruins and attributing the histories to civilizations that were in contact with alien beings is a form of cosmic blasphemy.

Erich von Daniken and Zecharia Sitchin, have promoted the “ancient astronaut theory,” which speculates that alien visitors have been influencing human life for thousands if not millions of years, even to the point of manipulation man genetically. Von Daniken, was one of the first contemporaries to put forth the ancient astronaut theory.

When I was younger I stood in line at a movie theater to see the movie “Chariots of the Gods.” What had me glued to the subject matter was the presentation of what appeared to be solid theories about ancient aliens and that their return would happen in my lifetime.

I remember somewhere along my journey into this theory that Von Daniken was widely ridiculed and vilified for his observations.

However Zechariah Sitchin’s apparent scholastic training, gave him the credibility necessary to convince a portion of the world of his theories including the stories of the Annunaki and the return of the planet Nibiru or Planet X.

Beyond the studies of Sumerian mythologies we learn that the Annunaki served as Gods of many systems within the universe. That is of course if you read the concordance and translations of the King James Bible where one God created the heavens and the earth, a how a plural group of beings served alongside this God who in the Hebrew tradition was not named.

Moses is told that the sacred name or the Tetragrammaton or YHWH had not been revealed even to Abraham. However he was the one god who was, who is and who shall be. Throughout the Old Testament a word is used by Solomon to remark about the abode of God called the Olamim or Sanctuary the place in heaven that is everlasting.

Sadly, most interpretations of the scripture say that the Olam is a tent, others say it is a Tabernacle or a most high sanctuary of God.

Some believe that it was a word for something we now call a system in heaven or a solar system. It is a place of the most high in heaven, a place or planet that God and his servants live. This is known as the “heavens of heaven,” a realm beyond our solar system.

No less than 11 times do we see in the Bible that the bible refers to God’s home or Kingdom as an Olam. An Olam expands to many worlds and as is said in the scripture: “many mansions.”

“In my Father’s house (Olam) are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. — John 14:2

Some even say that the Olamim or Olam is the equivalent of the Mesopotamian winged planet Nibiru. Sumerian literature speaks of the winged Planet Nibiru an Olam or everlasting tabernacle of the Gods.

The celestial planetary Gods (Nibiru) dwell on this winged planet and they are according to the histories the “first and the last” or “Primeumaton.”

The Annunaki, Elohim, Man, the nations of Man and those who know the secrets of the gods (prophets) are carrying out a universal and everlasting plan.

God leads their various missions and the return of the Olam of God has been foretold and this is part of 19th century theories that actually precede the theories of Sitchin. The idea of Planet X, Nibiru, or the everlasting tabernacle of God has been preserved and recorded in the celestial mythos on nearly 300,000 tablets.

Throughout time there has been a story in many pantheons where gods like Apollo, Osiris, Horus, Krishna, Hercules, Jesus and Quetzalcoatl all come from an area that is located beyond the sun or from some unknown Olamim not of this world.

And Jesus said unto them, Ye are from beneath; I am from above: ye are of this world; I am not of this world.—John 8:23

While Olamim is the Hebrew translation for the star system or tabernacle where God dwells, there is a similar cosmic mythology that is found in Mormonism.

Kolob is a star or planet described in Mormon scripture. Reference to Kolob is found in the Book of Abraham, a work that is traditionally held by believers of the Mormon faith as having been translated from an Egyptian papyrus scroll by Joseph Smith, the founder of the Latter Day Saint movement.

According to this work, Kolob is the heavenly body nearest to the throne of God. While the Book of Abraham refers to Kolob as a “star”, it also refers to planets as “stars”, and therefore, some Mormon commentators consider Kolob to be a planet.

There is a Mormon hymn that is sung in Mormon Congregations called “If you could hie (or go quickly) to Kolob” that explains a place that sounds similar to the Sumerian Nibiru:

If you could hie to Kolob
In the twinkling of an eye,
And then continue onward
With that same speed to fly,
Do you think that you could ever,
Through all eternity,
Find out the generation
Where Gods began to be?

Or see the grand beginning,
Where space did not extend?
Or view the last creation,
Where Gods and matter end?
Methinks the Spirit whispers,
“No man has found ‘pure space,’
Nor seen the outside curtains,
Where nothing has a place.”

Now, there are other passages in the near east tablets that clearly speak of a planet where enlightened beings come from, that it will be visible again when the gods return. However now it is said that Nibiru or Planet X will be a cosmic wrecking ball and that its presence in our solar system will trigger a cataclysmic cycle.

There are plenty of doomsayers now that claim that the increase of volcanic activities, stronger earthquakes , abnormal weather patterns, magnetic storms, and Near Earth Object impacts like the ones in Russia and Iran are mounting evidence that somewhere out in space Nibiru is coming, along with the promise that the gods are arriving as well.

Our sun and our planet are showing evidence of profoundly disturbing trends which adds to the argument that maybe something out there is disrupting the solar system and is causing this so called “wrecking ball” effect.

It all seems to be escalating and the mainstream media and mainstream science are continuing to create a blackout on information regarding Potentially Hazardous Asteroids that may be pushed towards this earth as a huge celestial body may be coming within earth’s proximity.

There are two ways to look at Planet X, if you are of the belief that it will usher in the apocalypse.

Either you are to brace yourself for its effects on our world or you can believe that perhaps it is the equalizer that will absolutely guarantee the promise of renewal and rebirth.

If it returns we will see the birth of a new world and the freedom of a promising civilization that will live amongst the gods.