The story of Prometheus is now part of a running meme and as I am finding out there is more to this seeding of thought in contemporary film. Prometheus the mythological Titan gave man fire. With it man was able to develop technology and Promethean knowledge was such that it could elevate mankind to the level of godhood.

In a Promethean metaphor mankind reached its own level of godhood when scientists at CERN discovered the God particle. Now they have the knowledge of what can be created from simple matter. They know the secrets of creation and the result from how the fire of God meets with the Promethean fire of man. It is as if mankind touched the Monolith and became more than a monkey, more than a man.

Diablous Rex Church appeared on Ground Zero to discuss the future of mankind and how all things now have changed and that we will soon witness the intrusion of science. That science and spirituality combined will create greater problems for mankind in the future.

Rex stated that “There is this major fear of the overwrite of consensus reality on the planet. That means that things have become so decadent, so decayed and so politically unviable that the only way to really deal with this is to wipe it clean and start over. We are now the gods of this planet and therefore nothing should be denied us. We should be able to experiment and destroy with impunity because we recognize that this is our legacy.”

After the show I received some information that had me troubled. It was information about the Bohemian grove. What if I were to tell you that the information is so outrageous and synchronistic that even I can’t believe what I am about to reveal? Would you believe the information less if I said that I couldn’t reveal the source because it would harm him and his family?

This seriously compelling information was told to me and it was revealed to be the chief discussion amongst the various doctors, land owners and elected officials that will meet at the Bohemian Club in Northern California the weekend of Friday July 13th, 2012.

I want to first tell you that much of what I am about to share I have thought about before. In fact I have spoken of this before. It has been shown that throughout history there have been men who have wanted to rule the world. The most recent figure in human history that wanted to create a World order was Adolf Hitler.

Before his alleged suicide Adolf Hitler issued a scorched earth decree ordering all industries, military installations, shops, transportation facilities and communications facilities in Germany be destroyed. It is also rumored that Hitler had hoped that his scorched earth policy be carried out worldwide. That the earth should not stand without the Third Reich. None of these orders were carried out. They died with Hitler. Or so we think.

As the Third Reich collapsed in the spring of 1945, the Russians were the first to enter Berlin and capture Adolf Hitler’s bunker. Then, the Soviet Union made a series of contradictory statements or lies concerning Hitler’s death. Stalin announced to Truman during lunch in Potsdam on July 17, that Hitler did not commit suicide but had probably escaped. After that, the Russians released photographs of what they claimed to be Hitler’s corpse on a floor with a bullet hole in his head.

Finally, they asserted; that Hitler’s burnt remains, together with the body of his mistress Eva Braun, were discovered on May 4, by Soviet soldiers outside the Berlin Chancellery Bunker, in the garden. All Pictures of Hitler’s body show no burnt remains. This fueled speculation about the possibility that Hitler was still alive.

It was reported on Ground Zero by Maximillien De Lafayette that he had knowledge that Hitler did not die in 1945 but lived until 1965. He asserted that all his time Hitler was consulting with the leaders of the world to carry out a policy of scorched earth, where a majority of the earth’s population would be destroyed and would be replaced by a race of Aryan supermen. They would be godlike, intelligent and beautiful.

Hitler had wanted this race to inherit the rest of the world and be Gods on earth.

There were many secret organizations in Hitler’s Germany that evolved into some of the secret societies you hear about now. The Order of Death’s Head or the “Totenkopf” had the same mystical rites, incantations and internal rankings as those of “The Skull and bones” the CIA, “Council on Foreign relations” and the “Bohemian club.”

They are all organizations that claim to be harmless social clubs of the elite. The question is that if they are all harmless social clubs, then why do they allow for the same rituals that took place under the guidance of Heinrich Himmler?

Many of these secret organizations had plans and initiatives in place where they could oversee the self destruction of mankind. In September of 1942 at the Bohemian Grove, plans for a doomsday device were in the making. Planning meetings for the Manhattan Project were held at the Bohemian grove. The Manhattan Project operated under a blanket of tight security, but Soviet atomic spies still penetrated the program. It was also charged with gathering intelligence on the German nuclear energy project.

As early s 1943 many Germans were realizing that the third Reich in its current form would not survive another two years. This gave the United States an advantage.

They knew that Nazi organizations and societies would have to go underground because the war would not continue and the quest for dominion over the planet was the goal. If not immediate, then gradually. Many knew that it would take generations to develop an order of the new ages in a new world.

Otto Skorzeny was captured as a war criminal but was secretly released to American authorities in 1947. Settling in Madrid on the payroll of the US Government he created the International Fascista in 1952.

He and several other former Nazis were eventually placed in the Middle East by the CIA to protect Israel from the communists. They trained Palestinian terrorists groups that to this day are responsible for the constant wars that are happening there and the terrorist groups that have branched off from the core groups trained and organized by Nazis.

So in reality the Pogrom to exterminate the Jews still exists today. The terrorists were trained and equipped by the Nazis. So there is no need to march anyone to the ovens when Nazi Trained terrorist groups are still in power and are encouraged by some secret organization that has yet to be determined.

Hitler’s spy master Reinhard Gehlen developed the “Org” which consisted of hardcore Nazi spooks surrendering to the allies and then giving them information that would be the seeds of paranoia needed to create the Cold War.

Remember, The United States saw the advantage of having Nazis working with the CIA in order to keep the momentum going of the anticommunist crusades.

The Org played a role in the creation of the “missile gap,” providing CIA with reports on Soviet missile developments supposedly based on contacts with German scientists captured by the Russians at the end of the war.

Gehlen was known to exaggerate Military capabilities of the Soviets stating that they were combat ready with a ten to one advantage over western forces massed to attack west Germany as early as 1946. However the truth was far more mundane. The Russian troops were overextended, battle weary with no numerical advantage and with half their transport vehicles drawn by horses.

The Org played a major role within NATO, too, supplying two–thirds of the raw intelligence on Warsaw Pact countries. The CIA swallowed it up and believed in the Soviet bogeyman stories.

Gehlen was actually exaggerating the Soviet threat. He began a campaign of fostering paranoia in the West about a worldwide communist conspiracy.

Gehlen’s strategy was based on the Hegelian dialectic. The more paranoia, crisis and fear of an invisible enemy, the more political space for Hitler’s heirs to move in and secretly reshape American democracy to become a fascist order in which government relinquishes civil rights and rules with an iron fist.

The CIA’s dependence on Gehlen’s information and his constant fear mongering was actually due to its being everything they wanted to hear. It compounded what they were already thinking by providing supposed evidence where there had been none. This made Washington a huge collective sponge for mountains of disinformation. It also increased spending on the Military Industrial Complex.

Nazi Scientists worked at NASA trading in their V2 rocket plans for Saturn V rocket plans. The Rockets were once used for bombs and now for space travel. Although there are many people who believed that the Moon missions were merely “covers” for money to be funneled into the Military Industrial complex.

The Cold war was on and both the soviets and The United States were using Nazi Scientists to develop more nuclear armaments all pointed at each other. One false move and the button would have been pushed to destroy the world with several times over leaving it completely uninhabitable.

The words “Mutually assured Destruction” were a harsh reality in this time. There was a real fear that the planet would be completely destroyed and the survivors, namely the chosen elite would reorganize and rebuild a new world and rise from the ashes like the mythical Phoenix.

What if that plan is still in the making, however the plan has been altered a bit, but the essence of the scorched earth decree still exists and the mad men in the places of power are planning again at the Bohemian grove an agenda that outlines the fate of mankind and that the New World planned for the New world order is literally a “new world.”

It is evident that the externalization of the hierarchy has been clearly demonstrated in a form of the revelation of the method. The revelation has been delivered through the Hollywood movie Prometheus. As the nearly immortal genetic engineers in the film, wanted a genetic reboot of earth, and a virtual scorched earth policy where the inhabitants of earth were to be destroyed through a genetic attack – the elite of the world are meeting at the Bohemian Grove to discuss virtually the same thing. They are discussing the policies of removing resources from the earth and replacing them with designs created by man himself.

Since man has now found the God particle, he is capable of unlocking the secret to creation. Scientists now are learning that there needs to be certain destruction in order to replace it with creations by their own design. A New World Order, in their image, of their order out of the chaos that exists now.

The plan is for a literal New World. A new world they can order and control. A new world remodeled in the image of the elite and their ideas of utopia.

There was a report filed at the Rio+ 20 summit that outlined a plan that quite simply explained that in order to have a “green” policy work, there must be an overhaul of what can be called expendable resource on the planet. The expendable resources include certain plants, animals, and even human beings. The way that the human kind can be eliminated is through biological breakthroughs, birth control, reproductive laws. There would also be mandates of foods, farming, water distribution and life sustaining medical treatments.

Animal controls and elimination could be carried out and where one species can die off it can be immediately replaced with a Chimera. This chimera would be designed by scientists and introduced into the ecosystem along with genetically modified plants, fruits and vegetables.

What is being planned is a new terraforming of planet earth. It is an uncreate and create plan. It is creation by the design of man. Man that sees himself as a new God capable of designing improved crops, improved animals, and replacing human intelligence with controllable transmogrified life forms.

It will be the second Genesis, we have discovered the God particle and from there matter can be taken from being without form and void, to a state of form and organized matter taken from the chaos.

Always remember that extra-biblical writing will describe that the world was without form and void, meaning that it was in a state of chaos and emptiness. A broken and watery waste that needed to be reorganized and renewed until it rose up again as the home of God’s creation.

In the ancient texts that translation of man’s existence is argued by scholars stating that man was never created but brought forth and changed into an image that was preferred or designed by God. This is indicated by the Hebrew words asah and bara that are in the Torah.

Man was brought forward and molded into an image that god saw as good and practical for his desire and design. There is an indication that man was brought forth and was already in a chaotic state and was perfected by God.

From dead and discordant elements, came a new creation. It was designed by the unnamed an unknown God. The plan is now part of a future taken from the blueprint of the past. Is mankind so prideful that this is the master plan? Is it necessary or is it just by hubris that this plan has been brought forth?

The Plan of the Global elite is most definitely creation from the dead and discordant elements of war, pestilence and plague. The illuminati are now demonstrating and putting into practice their belief that they are the transcendent gods that will usher in the new age with their newly designed world.

I remember when I was a kid I was told of an old quote delivered by a Mormon prophet that said As man is God once was, as God is Man may become. Now I am beginning to understand its meaning. However I don’t think I am too comfortable with the idea in my lifetime.