1/28/13: Sandy Hoax: A Dose Of Grim Reality


Timing is everything and while many of the mainstream news organizations have left behind the events at Sandy Hook because it is no longer expedient to push their agenda, I figured it would be the best time to now openly discuss a viewpoint about this event that has not been brought up in any conversation. I believe that saying it now will have more impact, then having it drown in the controversy of gun control, and conspiracy theory that is formed simply for hits to a website, or numbers on a face book page.

I want everyone to know that as a father without contact with my son, and a man who gets to be around a 6 year old, I am not insensitive to the tragedy of not being able to see your child grow up. I also experienced a loss when a colleague of mine was killed in the Clackamas shootings. I want to emphasize that while the media will have you believe that these are qualifications as speaking from experience, I can assure you that there is nothing as horrible as hearing about children dying needlessly and when you suddenly realize the whole picture it becomes even more of tragedy and it gives you a sick feeling that things like this can happen in the United States.

The only thing I can remember is that it was a tragedy that ruined the magic of Christmas. The entire country was saddened to hear about the senseless shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary. I know full well that what I am about to say will inspire anger and legitimate outrage in some people but it has to be said, No one knows what really happened that day. All we have is information that fits an agenda. All we have is the emotional hurt from what we have been told about the murdered children and the lone nut gunman.

We have been given just enough information, in order to determine that the victims were real at Sandy Hook. That is about it, and even then it is all an emotional cudgel that forces us not to even ask if there is any truth that we can have that would give us closure to this devastating event.

If you want to know what happened at Sandy Hook on December 14th, 2012 all you have to do is to grab the crisis template and test it. The crisis template always seems to involve an inspection, visit from dignitary, or drill prior to the event.

Then the incident takes place in a place of open infrastructure to create a fishbowl terror scenario, this includes malls, theaters, schools. Then there is always eye witness accounts of maybe one of two suspects. Those suspects disappear and then a name is given as the suspect. Sometimes names are changed, suspects are eliminated and then there in one suspect that usually either is apprehended or commits suicide.

I first discovered this ‘crisis template’ when I was investigating two incidents in 2007. One was a report about suspect that allegedly tried to bomb the Hillary Clinton Campaign headquarters in New Hampshire. The suspect strapped a bomb to his chest took Hostages and witnesses told Fox news that the suspect was named Troy Allen Stanley.

Then, as if we blinked, the suspect changed names to Leeland Eisenberg. The motive of his attempted bombing was allegedly because Eisenberg wanted to call attention to the mental health system in America and the apparent lack of treatment available to people who suffer from mental illness.

A month after that, there was murder-suicide shooting at the Westroads Mall in Omaha, Nebraska. Nineteen-year-old Robert A. Hawkins killed nine people including himself and like the situation in New Hampshire, witnesses gave one story to the media about multiple suspects to the media and later the police changed the story from multiple shooters to one.

Multiple witnesses said they saw a suspect detained near a bus stop at the mall. What was interesting about the shooting was just an hour prior President George W. Bush was in Lincoln, Nebraska speaking. Also there was a report that a week before, a grenade was found with a pin in it at the location and that Homeland Security advisers chose West roads mall as a place to review safety measures prior to the shooting.

Now these incidents are important because of the Sandy Hook incident and how we don’t have answers but we sure do see the same template with various versions of the incident, different suspects, multiple shooters and how some people believe that this was either a drill or an event that was carried out by some black ops mercenaries.

There is information that the political world wants you to believe. The media then takes that information and through hyper reality reinforces the opinions of the political world. There used to be a time where the media questioned and challenged the political view and the agendas hey push. The media should be in the business of creating public trust and living up to the standard of a public’s right to know.

Today, the media world has become soft and partisan. It has become malleable and, unfortunately, it is highly controlled. It only responds to disaster and then hires two political pundits to analyze what it means. The middle ground will always wind up being the spokesman from the military or the police department that reinforces a guarded story that immediately discredits what was reported previously.

Once again, no one – not even the media or ‘conspiracy theory’ sites – have given us a full account of what happened at Sandy Hook. Lieutenant Paul Vance speaking on behalf of the Connecticut troopers that were assembled at the school admits that much of the information surrounding the shooting of the 26 victims has been withheld.

That means that the media was not qualified to make conclusions on what happened, and other media “truth” sites are not capable of giving the whole picture, only different opinions and ideas based on holes in the narrative that the mainstream media decides to avoid.

With truth pretty well compromised it is important to use caution with information coming from the mainstream narrative and conspiracy theory websites. It is important to understand that the controllers of information are trying to create false leads and are attempting to create turmoil within the United States.

What so-called conspiracy theory sites attempt to do is to create a dialogue about all of the things that don’t add up and this is a healthy way of getting people to think about information or lack of it. What is unhealthy is how many of the theories presented are quoted as absolute truth and the crisis of discernment is evident.

While everything we hear about Sandy Hook can be questioned, and while the mainstream says that evidence gathered by the so called conspiracy theorists is specious and insensitive, I want to expose serious evidence that the so-called ‘Sandy Hoax’ has a serious absence of duality and objectivity.

When a culture experiences a traumatic event there are so many micro events happening part conscious and part unconscious. The collective then creates a matrix of agreements, runs many different narratives, and then we begin to see things that give us ideas as to why the tragedy took place.

From the very beginning, the Sandy Hook incident lacked a matrix, a complete narrative and a reason for why it all happened. Even everything we thought we saw in the narrative seemed unreal. This is why many people think that what happened was staged or even a hoax.

Media outlets first reported that two men entered Sandy Hook Elementary School on the morning of Dec. 14th, 2012 and began a shooting rampage. One of them, we were told, was dead inside the school and the other had been captured outside. There’s video footage of police pursuing and subduing a suspect. The police radio even captured the moment when an officer was in pursuit of the suspect and had him prone in the woods. There was also a witness on television that told reporters that a suspect was in handcuffs claiming that he was not the shooter and was sitting in the front seat of a police car.

The second shooter has not been mentioned again in mainstream narrative even though there is footage and a witness stating that they had apprehended him.

According to the Newtown Bee, a local community newspaper there may be a hidden clue as to who the “suspect” was. According to columnist Andrew Gorosko’s “Police Union Seeks Funding for Trauma Treatment” article it states the following:

As police this week continued their probe into the December 14 incident involving 26 shooting deaths, including 20 first-graders and six staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the lawyer who represents the Newtown Police Union is seeking help from the town, state, and federal governments to extend paychecks for “three to five” town police officers who were so traumatized by the incident that they have not yet been emotionally able to return to work.

The article then continues to say that three to five of the town police officers who responded to the crime scene have been off work and collecting sick time pay in light of their being traumatized by the school shooting incident.

However, because the town provides only ten sick days for an officer annually, those police now face the prospect of being off work without pay.

The article continues with what is believed to be a “reliable source” stating that another officer “an off duty tactical officer” or “Swat team member” from another jurisdiction was in the woods during the shooting at the school.

A man with a gun who was spotted in the woods near the school on the day of the incident was an off-duty tactical squad police officer from another town, according to the source.

Hearst Connecticut newspapers were also quick to point out that the 911 dispatcher was also told that there were two shooters on the scene.

I have reports of two shooters running past the building, past the gym, which would be rear,” a dispatcher said on the tape, before trailing off. Shortly afterward, the operator told a State Police trooper who was racing to the scene from the nearby Troop A barracks in Southbury to “make sure you have your vest on.

So the question is what were tactical shooters from another town doing in the woods near the school prior or during the shooting?

Between 9:35 Am and 9:49 AM EST the shootings allegedly took place. There were some curious witness accounts that at both the senior center and firehouse had some interesting visitors around 9:05 am EST.

Witnesses claim that just before police raced to the scene on Riverside Road there were silver and black vehicles parked there and a construction sign that read “EVERY ONE MUST CHECK IN.” The sign was actually seen behind Gene Rosen when he was interviewed by Fox News.
The sign never indicates where to check in – it only assumes that those who know where to check in will check in and for what is anyone’s guess. There are many people who believe that the sign would indicate that some sort of drill or action was already planned and that those “in the know” were required to check in.

James Tracy, a professor from Florida Atlantic University, is suggesting the deaths at Sandy Hook may have resulted from a training exercise. Tracy says that “crisis actors” may have been employed in a conspiracy to shape public opinion in favor of gun control.

There are many people who speculate that a lot of Tracy’s theories came from a “leaked” Pottawattamie County, Iowa Emergency Management Agency document, Operation Closed Campus Exercise Plan.”

Many media organizations did exactly what was done during the 2007 Clinton campaign headquarters hostage crisis and the 2007 Westroads Mall incident. They issued conflicting reports about the identity of the alleged shooter behind the massacre. They were also responsible for airing footage of officers chasing suspects into the woods and interviewing witnesses, including children, that mentioned that they saw multiple gunmen prone and cuffed at the scene.

CNN initially reported that the man who murdered at least 26 people was named Ryan Lanza.

However, hours later, those outlets were forced to retract that identification. The New York Post and Fox News were the first to report that Adam Lanza, Ryan’s brother, was the alleged shooter. They were followed by outlets including CNN, CBS, the Associated Press and the New York Times. The AP wrote that a law enforcement official had “transposed” the names of the two brothers. There were also reports that Adam may have been carrying Ryan’s ID. A local CBS station aired footage of what it said was Ryan Lanza being led away in handcuffs, there was no explanation why on one hand we heard that a suspect was apprehended “Ryan” and another “Adam” was dead at the scene.

It was also erroneously reported by several news outlets that Ryan and Adam’s mother Nancy who also was allegedly shot and killed was a teacher at Sandy Hook and that Ryan massacred her class. That was not true.

A school board director never heard of her.

While news organizations got a lot of things wrong initially and then later turned the story into a anti-gun agenda, there was also a bit of disinformation making the rounds in conspiracy circles.

Peter Lanza, the father of both Ryan and Adam, had been separated from Nancy for nearly 11 years. It was reported that Peter was an executive at GE Energy Financial Services. In order to find some connection to the Aurora shootings, several unknown “conspiracy theorists” had the notion of quoting as truth that both Peter Lanza and Colorado shooter James Holmes’s father were set to testify in the LIBOR hearings.

This is FALSE!

However, it does not excuse him from a scandal that is even more interesting. According to his LinkedIn site, Lanza has worked “closely with many of the preeminent partnership tax advisors in the United States on a daily basis Lanza’s responsibilities at GE-EFS include:

• Tax strategies, planning and tax operations
• Reporting directly to GE-EFS Chief Financial Officer
• Consultations on “structuring, negotiating asset acquisition, dispositions”
• Responsible for risk management on transactions
• Assist other employees in achieving business tax objectives
• Partner with GE Corporate tax group to “leverage technical resources . . . provide support on projects and initiatives”

GE has been successfully evading paying taxes for some time now. Although the corporation reported global profits of $14.2 billion with $5.1 billion of that total being attributed to American operations, GE claimed a tax benefit of $3.2 billion. Lanza, would have contributed to the success of GE evading corporate taxes in the United States.

There have been many investigative sources that claim that the LIBOR scandal allegations were first put out on the web by a COINTELPRO group in order to distract from the tax scandal.

There may still be many lies being propagated by COINTELPRO groups to discredit anyone who believes them or continues to report them without fact checking. That is why a dose of reality not only exposes the mainstream narrative as disinformation but also the half truths that have been created by do-it-yourself theorists that push their lies as truth.

The grim reality is that this whole Sandy Hook case plays by the template of crisis I had pointed out earlier. Even the suspect’s car that we were told was owned by Lanza’s mother belonged to a man named Chris Rodia. According to the police radio the license plate on the Black Honda was 872-YEO was registered to Rodia who was involved with copper wire theft.

Adam Lanza had a history of mental problems, making him the perfect patsy. Several eyewitness local news reports state that there was no assault rifle found beside Lanza’s dead body, just two pistols. According to medical examiner and releases from the State Police, Lanza shot each victim between 3 and 11 times during a 5 to 7 minute span. If one is to average this out to 7 bullets per individual—excluding misses—Lanza shot 182 times, or once every two seconds.

Yet, according to the official story, Lanza was the sole assassin and armed with only one weapon. Thus, if misses and changing the gun’s 30-shot magazine at least 6 times are added to the equation, Lanza must have been averaging about one shot per second — extremely skilled use of a single firearm for a young man with absolutely no military training and who was on the verge of being institutionalized. Still, an accurate rendering of the event is even more difficult to arrive at because the chief medical examiner admittedly has no idea exactly how the children were shot or whether a struggle ensued.

Many researchers think Lanza was killed earlier and his dead body was later conveniently dropped at the school where a team of military-trained snipers did the deed. We can only assume that the kill ratio would indicate this is true.

The Intel Hub reports that: “According to and confirmed by, the alleged lone shooter Adam Lanza that left 26 people dead on December 14, 2012 was documented to be deceased one day prior to the mass shooting that took place at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut.The SSDI database shows Adam Lanza to be deceased on December 13, 2012, one day prior to the school shooting. Confirmation Status is listed as “Proven”. However the state of issue is New Hampshire. The implications of this are unfathomable if accurate.
Aside from these assumptions, let’s go back to the facts that I first brought up about the lack of a matrix or a factual core narrative and how the entire incident has so many running narratives – both mainstream and conspiratorial – that they can all be rejected except for one thing.

If you believe the mainstream media and police accounts, the entire incident lacks objectivity and basic duality. In every incident there are many sides to a story, but eventually there are two sides. In the case of Sandy Hook, there is only one side to the story – which makes it more of a reality show with an agenda than a news story.

For example, all of the aggrieved parents spoke to only mainstream media outlets. CNN especially had the monopoly of speaking with the grieving parents. Anyone else who asked detailed questions was told not to harass the parents because they needed time to mourn.

Every parent who lost a child in the incident was sequestered by specially-appointed state troopers so that they would not be ‘bothered’ by journalists and that any contact would be prosecuted as “criminal harassment.”

Another interesting twist is that not one grieving parent to my knowledge has stated to the media that gun control is NOT the answer.

Darrell Scott, the father of Rachel Scott who was a victim of the Columbine shootings, told a Congressional committee that gun control is not the answer to violence. He said, “when something as terrible as Columbine’s tragedy occurs, politicians immediately look for a scapegoat such as the NRA. They immediately seek to pass more restrictive laws that continue to erode away our personal and private liberties.

During the 2006 Jewish Federation shooting in Seattle, Washington, Layla Bush was shot twice in the back and still has to walk with cane. She commented after the incident that gun control would not have stopped what happened.

Put that up against a Katie Couric interview with the parents of 6 year-old Daniel Barden, one of the victims killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Daniel’s father, John told Couric that their time spent with President Obama at a staged prayer vigil was “a little less fruitful than we were hoping.

Barden said that Daniel’s 12 year-old brother James, and 10 year-old sister Natalie, had some things to tell the President that they didn’t get to. He went on to say that Natalie was interested in asking him if he could pass some legislation so that the only people that had guns were military personnel and law enforcement,” Mr. Barden told Katie Couric, “And if people needed guns for sport, they could go to a range, and the guns would have to stay there. That was my 10-year-old daughter. That was all her own original thought.

I am glad he cleared that up otherwise I would have thought it was Diane Feinstein making the quote and not a 10 year old. It is statements like these made with a straight face by families who are supposed to be grieving that I am sure make people wonder if grieving families are being coached.

It is also interesting to note that Natalie seemed to be absent from the interview.

Another point that I am sure needs to be addressed is that throughout the media coverage we became acquainted with the rather odd medical examiner Wayne Carver.

We had pointed out on an earlier Ground Zero how Carver seemed to be speaking out of turn with regard to the children’s bodies and the body of Adam Lanza. Carver acting like a goofy mad scientist stated to the press that clearly it was a “long rifle” and NOT “hand guns” that fired multiple shots into the bodies of the children. Even though NBC later reported that there was no long rifle or assault rifle found in the school. During the interview you can hear a reporter say that long rifle wounds are impossible because the gun was found in the suspect vehicle.

When Carver was asked if Lanza killed himself with the “rifle,” Carver answered, “No. I don’t know yet. I’ll examine him tomorrow morning. But I don’t think so.” Yet, there has been NO subsequent press conference or statements regarding Carver’s autopsy on Lanza only to report that he had a perfect brain.

If any of the autopsy records were made public we would know for sure if Lanza was on any kinds of medication. The unfortunate thing is that while the media were heavy on the gun control agenda with this case, gun advocates di some scapegoating of their own saying that Lanza had to be on some sort of drug in order to do this.

This became an unqualified cause of what happened at Sandy Hook. The harsh reality is that this type of stereotyping leads to witch hunts. It was also an issue with the 23 mandates that ensued now that Barack Obama is looking at the medical surveillance state to decide who owns guns and who doesn’t. Those that demanded a medical record of drugs in an autopsy instead were threatened with a “let he who is without sin turn in your gun.”

If you ever at any time took a prescription drug like Prozac, Zoloft. Paxil, Klonopin, sleeping pills, smoked Marijuana, taken Valium, or even a strong pain killer like Hydrocodone or oxycontin, your Concealed Weapon Permit will be revoked. And all future permits will be limited to a select few.

The mainstream media has all but kept quiet now about Sandy Hook. This is why I thought it would be the best time to look at the case objectively without all of the gun control propaganda getting in the way of some of the facts.

As History unfolds it becomes quite clear that how we interpret news events is based on quick glances at a newspaper, a magazine or news program that is either funded, owned and operated by a corporation that has a controlling political interest in what is being reported. This type of journalism is what you would expect in a country where the press is no longer objective. It usually turns up in countries that are highly controlled. Countries with State run newspapers and state run radio and TV stations. The state of the media has been declared dead by old timers who long for the days of real journalism, where hunting for the blockbuster story was as stimulating as delivering it. Now those days have long passed and no one stops to understand that sometimes it takes more than a television show or a newspaper columnist to get the whole story.

The Sandy Hook shooting has real victims and real tragedy, but does it have a factual narrative? It is obvious that the answer is no. This is not theory, or conspiracy it is obviously a tragedy that has been exploited and staged for an agenda.

So the truth that everyone is not speaking is that the shootings at Sandy Hook were nothing more than a campaign.