I am sure there are many people in this country who wonder or have even considered that in what appears to be the end days, a messianic figure has arrived and wants to be the appointed world leader of the globalist regime.

We are told that this so-called evil leader will be able to walk away unscathed and untouched as he continues to do peculiar things to secure his position in an unholy alliance.

We know the secular world does not espouse the idea of an apocalyptic iconoclast that will rise up from this alliance, but things like Oligarchy and Plutocracy are become familiar words with those that are uneasy with the nomenclature of “Luciferian initiate leadership” and “Evil Empire of the Antichrist” or even “Imperial cult.”

It is becoming harder to define just what our Constitutional Republic is. The lines of our constitutional heritage have been blurred because of the encroaching reality of police state rule.

Oligarchy is defined as “government by the few.” The term comes from two Greek words: oligos meaning “few” and arch for “rule”; similar English-language terms include monarch or hierarchy. Plutocracy is derived from the Greek ploutos meaning “wealth” and kratos for “govern.”

Today, both concepts, plutocrats and oligarchs, refer to the growing influence the rich – and especially the super-rich have on the national and international political economy.

Today’s plutocrats and oligarchs, backing both Democrats and Republicans, have failed to deliver. Both have enabled the controlled demolition of America and the destabilization process is an end game strategy that will set us up for a worldwide alliance.

Sadly, the whole world is stuck, disillusioned and angry. They say that they hate the wealthy and they do not trust the government and in their confusion, appoint the wealthy into positions of power in a government that is poised for restructuring.

With the future technocracy that is planned for the world, the current forms of government will not hold and there will be changes happening which will be uncomfortable and hard to accept.

At this moment in history the social structure of our civilization is already changing and there are a few people that see the changes as immoral.

We have been put into a position of either stand down or stand up – and neither is happening – we are falling to our knees and surrendering ourselves to hate and general anxiety. The preponderance of all the ugliness is building inside everyone in the world. The feelings that are being expressed in truth are being called hate speech, and everyone seems to be in the business of coddling and supporting victimization.

We are at a loss for what can be called, healthy social cohesion. We are now defining ourselves by what we are against, rather than what we stand for. We value the ability to shame people rather than to help people understand differing points of view.

The battles we seek are not really battles at all but contrarian countering of people we think have unpopular viewpoints. We see it as an act of defiance to those who we think are irrelevant in the social strata.

We are losing our sovereignty to global interests; The “American Dream” is over and globalization is restructuring capitalism. The rich are getting phenomenally richer while the income of the rest of Americans stagnates or falls. Both American plutocrats and oligarchs are fighting to hold on to — and increase their wealth and influence during this restructuring. And they are succeeding.

Throughout every passage of scripture, Muslim, Jewish, and Christian, there is a story about an empire that will appear to serve God but in reality, will be an ecumenical trap or a state religion. This has been called the New World Order. Christians believe that it is the empire of The Antichrist.

We know the story so well that it is a “program” – a program with an obvious response whenever we see or hear of something that sounds Apocalyptic.

Websites of various fringes report on several compelling theories and many of them are dismissed until the mainstream news latches on to them and turns them into a whacky countdown or op-ed piece that gets thrown into the memory hole. One ongoing subject that seems to turn up on these so-called fringe sites is the idea of an agenda where the elite are planning to control and eventually kill off some of the population in order to save the planet.

Those hanging out in the conspiracy theory circles estimate the magic number of those marked for death will be 2/3rds of a “chosen” population.

The 2/3rds reference comes from the Bible where God says in the whole land 2/3rds will be struck down and perish, and the 1/3 who are left will be brought into the fire. The phrase “the fire” is thought to be the refiner’s fire; a name sometimes given to the Great Tribulation. That means 2/3rds of the world’s population will die at the hands of the globalist empire.

A careful reading of Book of Zechariah demonstrates that this 2/3rds will perish in what is known as the dispensation or last days.

It is also interesting to note that on a calculator 2/3 represented decimally, 0.666. The sequence repeats ad infinitum.

While the numbers are all random and sequence at times in ways that have us pay attention there seems to valid reasons to believe that there is a comprehensive plan of action that is being taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations that consult the various governments, to review ways the world can be prepared for a global network that can ensure the promise of sustainability.

The main goal of the so-called elite or the Illuminati is to create a network of human resource and labor for the sole purpose of maintaining the opulent lifestyles of the few. The way to do this is create an imperial cult or empire that many have already associated with what is called a bestial leviathan empire.

In ancient writings, mainly the biblical apocalypse, this empire will signal the beginning of the apostasy and it will have a number and that number will be six hundred threescore and six.

Putting triple digits aside, we must look around us and realize that the world government is beginning to show us other signs and symbols of their power and most of these symbols and signs can be seen all over Europe as we see that there is already an air of capitulation to what can be seen as a Satanic empire being established in plain sight.

On October 9th 2008, there were plans for the erecting of a curious statue placed on top of the Institute of Contemporary Art in London. It was the Italian artist Roberto Cuoghi’s sculpture of the demonic god, Pazuzu. It was placed on the roof of the Nash Building, that is owned by her Majesty the Queen.

This demon is also known as the Neo-Assyrian Ba-su-su and Ba-zu-zu. Pazuzuu is an evil demon but his evil demeanor is greater than that of the Arabic Djinn who rode upon the west wind in ancient Iraqi & Syrian legends, therefore, because Pazuzu’s evil is mightier, he was often used as a totem in ancient Iraqi homes to ward off lesser demons.

On many occasions it has been speculated that lately there seems to be a sudden fascination with building or erecting sculptures that pay homage to demons, devils and old Babylonian Gods.

The Institute of Digital Archaeology in Oxford placed replica of the doorway to Palmyra’s Temple of Baal, in London’s Trafalgar Square. It was erected and dedicated on the Queen’s of England’s 90th Birthday. It also was erected coincidentally on the day that the Feast of Moloch began.

Both Baal and Moloch were horned gods that demanded child sacrificial offerings by fire.

It was believed the children were killed in order to provide safety from evil entities and to insure the Sun would return. This would bring peace to all men according to the ancients. In the sanctuaries of sacrifice was a large stone idol. It had the head of a horned bull. The horned god had arms where the child would be placed. Ropes and pulleys would raise the arms to heaven.

The child would then fall out of the arms into a pile of burning oak. This was a gift to Moloch which would be an exchange for the birth of the Sun, or “Sol Invictus,’ the unconquered sun.

Now out of nowhere, Prince Harry is on national television promoting his Invictus Games which will begin on May 8th, 2016. The first Invictus Games took place in 2014 at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London.

The brand logo of the Invictus games shows both the words “Invictus” and “Games” on top of each other with the letter I in INVICTUS pushed in to be on top of the word AM found in the middle of the word GAMES. The letters are Highlighted to spell I AM. The Words I AM are also emblazoned on the medals offered at the these paralympic games set aside for wounded, injured or sick armed services personnel and their associated veterans take part in sports including wheelchair basketball, sitting volleyball and indoor rowing.

I Am that I Am, is the common English translation of the response God used in the Hebrew Bible when Moses asked for his name. Jesus also called himself the great I am as well.

The irony here is that many blasphemous European royalty including Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II claim to be of the bloodline of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene.

This is all based on the Merovingian presumption that Jesus didn’t die on the cross and rise from the dead. Instead they claim he married Mary Magdalene and fathered a number of children.

This bloodline is referred to as the “Holy Grail”, with those possessing it believing themselves the rightful heirs to the throne of Jerusalem. They believe that a new king of “The Holy Seed of David” will preside over the New ZION and the monarchy of the new world.

Knowing this gives the I AM in invites a coincidental secret meaning or is it coincidental?

We have been told on various occasions that the gates of hell have opened. There have also been experts in occult studies that have indicated that the Arch of Baal being erected next to the Phallic Needle of Cleopatra in London is symbolic of the key that opens a “gate” in the archway summoning the ancient demonic gods.

We have also been told that various black masses have been performed to conjure various demons from Asmodeus, Abyzou Ahriman Angra Manyu Baal, Moloch and Pazuzu.

It is believed to be significant iconography used in a clandestine ritual.

The Priory of Zion has been the controversial secret agenda of the masters which indicates that there is a plot to create a new world government led by a charismatic leader who possesses a bloodline allegedly directly linked to Jesus Christ.

While the Priory is a threat to Christianity and major religious groups, the plot to create the new ZION or Jerusalem has not ceased and many of the secret order of Masters have now infiltrated governments and religions in order to bring about a New ZION or a New World Order. Throughout history, there have been many attempts to establish this “new Zion,” “new age” or new “Solar Invictus.” These attempts resulted in death and war, every self appointed leader promises that the ideal Zion would bring about ideal change.

It has been determined that a new world government is being created that will have a world king or Prince as the ruler. The world king will take residence in Europe and will rule the newly established empire.

A Hymn sung in British Churches called “Jerusalem” is based on a poem called, “And Did Those Feet in Ancient Time” by William Blake. The poem and song is linked to an idea in the Book of Revelation ( 3:12 and 21:2) describing the Second Coming, where in Jesus returns and establishes a new Jerusalem or Zion in England .

It also implies that Jesus visited Europe after the crucifixion. This has been the agenda for a long time, a meme that is encouraged in Europe by secret societal control of the churches.

According to Arthur Nobel and the European Institute of Protestant Studies Secret mystery school imagery and Catholic influenced Iconography is endemic in Europe and has been enthusiastically embraced by the European Union Parliament. He claims that it has startling similarities to the prophecies of Daniel chapter 2 and Revelation chapter 17 where a latter-day political union which, in its final form, will consist of ten nations or groups of nations dominated by the Antichrist and getting its power from the nation with seven hills (Rome) and being ruled by the Antichrist born of the whore of Babylon.

The imagery and iconography associated with the European Union is openly apocalyptic. According to apocalyptic writings, the “great whore” of the new Babylon rides a beast with “seven heads and ten horns” and bearing the name “MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.” The Euro coin blatantly has engraved on it, a woman riding a beast. The E.U. Parliament building itself is a representation of the unfinished Tower of Babel. In front of the building are sculptures of the harlot riding the horned beast. The walls inside also have tapestries depicting the same image.

There are 679 seats in an auditorium where the fifth Parliament meets in the Tower building. While these seats are allocated to Members; one seat remains unallocated and unoccupied. The number of that seat is 666. The seat has been set aside for the Antichrist.

The first president of the United Nations General Assembly, Paul-Henri Spaak, who was also a prime minister of Belgium and one of the early planners of the European Union ,as well as a secretary-general of NATO, affirmed, “We do not want another committee, we have too many already. What we want is a man of sufficient stature to hold the allegiance of all the people of the world and to lift us up out of the economic morass into which we are sinking. Send us such a man, and whether he be God or devil, we will receive him.”

While all of this apocalyptic synchronicity can be written off as some anti-European propaganda – there is a new plot twist that will make you wonder just what is in store for Europe and the rest of the world.

According to the New American website, officials with the European Union and its formerly sovereign member states are conspiring to usurp control over national militaries, with a goal of eventually building a transnational EU military loyal only to the unelected regime ruling Europe from Brussels. Outrage surrounding the plot, however, is growing.

The process, taking place without a shred of democratic legitimacy, is already well underway. German and Dutch forces, for example, are being “merged” into a unified command — the “nucleus” of the future EU force that will be beyond the reach of voters and their elected parliaments. Under the guise of dealing with the orchestrated “refugee crisis,” the EU is also imposing a transnational armed force with power to intervene in members states, even against their will. EU military missions in Africa are also picking up steam. And the EU’s extremism is only growing.

Critics of the EU’s military ambitions, though, are already speaking out forcefully. Among other responses, opponents of the agenda said the dangerous machinations offer even more reason for nations to urgently secede from the totalitarian-minded super-state in Brussels.

The “British Exit” campaign, or “Brexit” as the prospect of U.K. secession is known casually, received a major boost from the news, with multiple media outlets noting that the EU military scheme would eventually ensnare the United Kingdom if voters do not vote to secede from Brussels’ rule.

Now armies are being annexed to swallow up Britain and other European countries in order to force them into obeying an unelected centralized ruler from Brussels?

In addition to the ongoing merger of national militaries, the EU is also scheming to impose what it calls a “European Border and Coast Guard.”

The controversial military and law enforcement outfit is set to have the power to militarily interfere inside and outside of the EU, whether national authorities agreed or not, under the guise of everything from “crime” and “terror” to “migration.”

An EU “fact sheet” explains that the new armed EU force will be able to “ensure that action is taken on the ground even where there is no request for assistance from the Member State concerned or where that Member State considers that there is no need for additional intervention.”

The pretext for imposing the radical agenda is dealing with the so-called “refugee crisis” and defending the EU’s external borders.

Could it be that these armies are being gathered for a coup?

This all sounds like the plot to a rebooted version of The Omen, the horrifying movie about a young boy named Damien Thorn who becomes a political leader that assembles armies to enforce a Luciferian government on Earth. The Omen is about the rise of a political Antichrist that rules in England.

The entire film is an eschatological fiction that is not exactly biblical. There is a moment in the third installment of the series where and older Damien Thorne reads a scripture:

“And it shall come to pass that in the End Days, the Beast shall reign one-hundred score and thirty days and nights, as the faithful shall cry unto the Lord; wherefore art thou in the Day of Evil? And the Lord shall hear their prayers, for out of the Anglo Isle he shall bring forth a deliverer. And the holy Lamb of God shall do battle with the Beast and destroy him.”

Of course, it is not a real scripture but it indicates that the writers of the movie believe that the Antichrist will be from England. It is quite coincidental that the symbol of the City of London is a Dragon. The Dragon is mentioned several times anciently as a symbol for the reptilian God associated with Venus and the unconquerable Sun or Sol Invictus.

The Dragon is also known as the Devil.

There is also a scene where Robert Thorn, the father of Damien, is cornered by a priest named, Father Brennan. Brennan warns Thorn that that Satan will wage his last formidable offence by possessing a young boy. He believes that Damien is the boy. He then quotes a phrase that sounds quasi biblical.

“When the Jews return to Zion, and a comet rips the sky, and the Holy Roman Empire rises, then you and I must die. From the Eternal Sea, He rises, creating armies on either shore, turning man against his brother, till man exists, no more.”

He then urges him to accept Christ, repent and read the Book of Revelation.

Who needs to read the Book of Revelation, when every passage and line is now being fulfilled in Europe? Those that are sick of the mayhem will agree that something sinister is brewing in the E.U.