Many times we have spoken about the open conspiracy of a gradual takeover of this planet, and the various governments and religions being forced into some strange and alien nationalist apotheosis.

The questions that keep us guessing are those that deal with the possibility of a single global elite with an agenda that goes beyond simply keeping itself very rich and wealthy at the expense of those whom they have enslaved financially. All too quickly the majority of conspiracy theorists point to Jewish bankers and Zionists as the hidden hand. Their goal, purportedly, is to obtain wealth and to empty the coffers so that they can have control over the poor.

While the banking cabal has always been the chief demon in conspiracy circles, it is time to open your mind to other possibilities. There are certainly groups that want to rule the world for other reasons. With the increasing globalization of political and economic institutions, it has become easier for a relatively small group to deceive itself into quite staggeringly influential positions. One cabal in particular reveals alarmingly what a small group, driven by a fanatical belief system, can achieve from the shadows.

While many conspiracy writers and observers tend to talk about the material world within conspiracy history and those who always seem to have control in that world, the spiritual realm in which globalization thrives is a very frightening and somewhat complex thing to understand.

Many religiously-oriented conspiracy theorists will cast aspersions on the Masons or the Jesuits, accusing them of controlling of the spiritual realm of what appears to be an imperial cult. However, it becomes more complicated when dealing with the priestcraft that takes place within the spiritual matrix of the elite world that many do not understand.

Every major step in the development of the New World Order, from a simple ideology to a worldwide super state can be traced back to a very specific ideology, which upholds rule by a chosen body of spiritual elite or secret brotherhood from behind the scenes. The brotherhood plays a role in the hidden hand the guides us towards this Order. It can also be seen as a manifestation of a Luciferian spirituality that professes to enlighten practitioners through mysticism and magic.

What we are talking about here is something called “Synarchy.” This shadowy politico-occult movement is based on the ideas of French mystic and philosopher Joseph Alexandre Saint-Yves, the Marquis d’Alveydre, in opposition to the rise of anarchy in the second half of the nineteenth century. To him the ideal state was a rigid social hierarchy topped by an elite that is predestined to rule absolutely at odds with the then-emerging concepts of democracy, individual liberty and social mobility.

He adopted the idea, popular in nineteenth-century esoteric and theosophical circles, that spiritually advanced “masters” existed in Agartha, a hidden realm in the Himalayas. He confided in his closest associates that he had been visited by its emissaries.

Another significant aspect of his version of history was that clandestine societies had transmitted the secret of Synarchy throughout the ages. It comes as no surprise to discover that his “spiritual fathers of Synarchy” were the usual suspects, the Knights Templar.

In the old stories of the Holy Grail, there were said to be “Grail Knights,” also explicitly called “Templars,” who operated behind the scenes to guide society, themselves taking orders from this mysterious entity called “the Grail.” In Parzival, Wolfram von Eschenbach wrote that “any Templar whom God should bestow on a distant people for their lord must forbid them to ask his name or lineage, but must help them gain their rights….” This is the basis of the story of Lohengrin, the “Swan Knight” who disappeared whenever anyone was so rude as to ask which family he came from. The relationship between the human “Templars” of secre ancestry that ruled kingdoms in conjunction with the mysterious “Grail” object is a form of Synarchy.

The Synarchy that may be in power now is a government run by a form of priesthood and is ruled by a secret society; however the societies are not always the ones that are named by conspiracy theorists. All of them, however, have played a role in establishing the United States. The formation of this nation was perhaps the mother of all conspiracies. It began with a divinely-inspired writ of insurrection against the crown and a constitution that would be the chief omnipotent cornerstone for the new order.

Many Christians in America believe that the establishment of the United States was based on Christian values and ideologies. This is only half true, because the rebellious nature of the insurrection was purely Luciferian, and in some cases bordering on Hermetic Arcanum and Gnosticism.

From the very beginning of Christianity, the Gnostics, or those who called themselves of a “different opinion” than the Christians, began a systematic opposition to the Apostles, and adopted an “elitist view” against the general teaching of the Gospel.

They were of the opinion that the dogmas of the Gospel were good for the common people, but that the superior minds of the ruling oligarchy required a “secret doctrine” which was reserved for the elite.

The mysteries of Christianity were then to be transformed back into the mysteries that were taught in the secret schools by beings that interacted with humans. These beings were of course considered to be extra-terrestrial and of superior intelligence. These “Secret Chiefs” dictated their ideology to the elite, and with this, Synarchist governments were formed in the image of “democratic republics.” Each secret society has played their role in sustaining what is termed the “cult of blood and soil.”

This gave birth to a movement called Martinism, and which in turn gave birth to the Beastmen of the French Revolution, the first politically- organized terrorist organization, known as “the Terror” or “the Children of Satan.”

The Martinist Order was founded in Lyon, France, based on the “philosophy” of four of the most important Masonic cult leaders of the eighteenth century: Martinez de Pasqually, Louis Claude de Saint-Martin, Jean-Baptiste Willermoz, and Joseph de Maistre. Although Maistre was not a founding member of Martinism, his participation in the original founding period, created in Lyon by the three others, made him one of the most important elements of this original leadership.

During the period leading to the French Revolution, there were 282 Masonic lodges in France, including 81 lodges of the Grand Orient in Paris alone, 16 in Lyon, 10 in Toulouse, 10 in Montpellier, 10 in Bordeaux, and 6 in Marseille.

During the French Revolution, Martinists such as Joseph de Maistre of Savoy, and Fabre d’Olivet of the Languedoc, and Cagliostro of Italy, were the more notorious. During the nineteenth century, one of the most active Martinist leaders was Charles Nodier, who purportedly became the Grand Master of the highly controversial Priory of Sion, which later influenced the guiding lights that helped to form the European Common Market.

Most of the so-called “classic” French literary figures of that period, such as Victor Hugo, Honore de Balzac, Alexandre Dumas Son, Delacroix, and Gerard de Nerval, etc., were members of the Martinist cult.

Keep in mind that Martinism is a cult of the elite, the religion of the superior man, and of the oligarch. This is why the absolute precondition for this cult to even exist resides in the idea that man must be reduced to a animal, a corrupt beast. It is this Martinist cult of the elite that wishes to jumpstart another attempt at the New Dawn, the Age of Aquarius or Dionysius. The elite’s secret is that they are now being guided by Secret Chiefs, or what they believe are beings of divine race who dictate policy that sincerely has no basis in morality.

It is a Hermetic practice to seek to understand the hidden messages and meanings in synchronous events. These meaningful coincidences serve as a form of metaphorical perception. It means seeking the hidden archetypal patterns in the apparent chaos of daily life.

According to L.A. Marzulli, author of Politics, Prophecy and the Supernatural: The Coming Great Deception and The Luciferian Endgame, all of what you are seeing is part of a ritualistic process. It is something that the “engineers of society” revel in. It is human alchemy.

The rituals are being done as a form of Hermetic sympathetic magic. Marzulli claims:

“…The supernatural is something which most people either choose to believe or not to believe. There seems to be little proof for the skeptic and a plethora of evidence for the believer. In this particular case there seems to be a lot of weird coincidental parallels that jar the mind into understanding that the trickster likes to play with our minds.”

Even Aleister Crowley the great mystic knew of the elite Synarchy, composing a body of what he called “Secret Chiefs.” Crowley states in his book Magick Without Tears that:

They (the Synarchy) can induce a girl to embroider a tapestry, or initiate a political movement to culminate a world war, all in the pursuit of some plan wholly beyond the purview or the comprehension of the deepest subtlest thinkers. But, are they men in the usual sense of the word? They may be incarnate or discarnate — it is a matter of their convenience.

We understand that these Secret Chiefs were also part of the Nazi occult daisy chain.

Secret societies like the Thule Society and the Vril Society, from which the Nazi Party evolved, held beliefs predicated upon their own contact with the Secret chiefs through channeling and ritual.

SS doctors like Josef Mengele were trying to find the secrets of the Ubermench and the Aryan roots of mankind. Hitler ordered these doctors to do these experiments at the behest of the Secret Chiefs or cosmic advisers, whose mission was to give instructions on how to prepare the world for the new “Golden Dawn.”

The Nazis’ chiefs saw the human population as locusts to be exterminated in order to maintain global sustainability. It has been recorded that Hitler would often go into rages in clandestine meetings with these Secret Chiefs, claiming that he ordered his henchmen to carry out experiments and torture as many people as possible before the “Golden Dawn” was to begin.

Just last year the former Minister of Defense in Canada had told the UFO Congress, Russia Today and the Huffington Post that the United States had been guided by at least two Nordic-looking beings called “the tall whites” — characters that match the description of Aleister Crowley’s Secret Chiefs.

Earlier this year after attending the red carpet festivities of her new film Lost in the Woods actress Meryl Streep was asked by a reporter about the Charlie Hebdo shootings that had just happened. Her reply was quite cryptic:

There is always bad news that confronts us and reminds us about the giants in the sky — terrible, terrible, stuff happens.

Giants in the sky?

Was she referring to the Secret Chiefs, the hidden hand that always seems to be behind the various tragedies and life-changing events in the news?

Are these tragedies and or interventions a result of the Secret Chiefs tinkering with our lives, playing an active role in decisions that are made by our world leaders?

During a 2011 meeting of the Bilderberg Group, the strange appearance of a woman in white startled some of the attendees, who did not know who she was. According to journalist Charlie Skelton, writing in the UK’s Guardian newspaper:

From nowhere, like something from a dream, a distinguished lady, dressed from top to toe in white, whooshed serenely past security and swanned to the front of the power walkers.

No one recognized her or has seen her since. She had an ‘other-worldy quality;’ I half expected her to be leading them to Charon’s boat, or up a stairway formed of clouds.

The lady in white led her band of Bilderberg bigwigs and billionaires along the charming Swiss byways, across bridges over gentle streams… and straight into a pack of 50 baffled activists, who were milling around outside a community hall during a break in the symposium.

Today as occult observers, we can see that an establishment of a blood and soil cult exists within the European Union. The same attitudes that existed with the Martinist cult exist today in the establishment of what was originally envisioned by Synarchists as “the United States of Europe,” which was discussed openly in the Priory of Sion’s own published newsletters.

The current focus on France in the news, and the recently-demonstrated fragility of its government is perhaps no accident. Just as Europeans were originally encouraged to unite to form a bulwark against the spread of Communism, attacks from militant Islamists are now reminding Europeans of their common values of free speech, secularism, and liberty of conscience – all of which came, like the French Revolution itself, out of Masonic lodges promoting Enlightenment philosophy. Perhaps their fear of losing these freedoms will further strengthen their economic and political bonds – or as some see them, shackles.

I wonder what the Synarchists will push us into next.