While it is somewhat peculiar for a Ground Zero show to delve into stock market fact and figures, it may not surprise you that the biggest conspiracy of all conspiracies is the 1 % who make decisions and rig the markets that take a plentiful economy into one of scarcity.

Ordinary criminal schemes are usually easy to decipher. Money trails can be found, and their telltale tracks followed to whatever may have been the point of such an effort. But this ‘super-plan’ for domination includes the complete destruction and destabilization of most (or all) that matters – and none of it makes sense to the civilized world.

It takes a special breed of analyst that can look at the numbers and predict the coming storm where a Bull market sinks to that of the Bear.

We no longer have to speculate as to whether or not the economy or the stock market or even the money markets are rigged. They most certainly are rigged and the end result will be a world bank complete with global dollar that will be reduced to just mere digits and credits provided by a government that will issue a floor wage a long with the redistribution of whatever currency and market swag they can muster.

But it is not going to happen abruptly – it will be gradual devaluing and a controlled demolition of the economic infrastructure. Businesses that you never dreamed of going out of business will and their windows will be soaped up and left vacant, victims of the rigged system.

The country has been wrapped inside a massive shroud of fear and with this fear, a demand for more control by the powers that be. This unfortunately is a mistake. A mistake we could have avoided if we just paid attention to history.

Truth and fact are the hardest things to produce now, because we live in times where we can manufacture both. The truth you believe is now determined by the messenger.

It is difficult to deliver truth apart from the mainstream to a group of people who are ready to discredit it because it does not fit their preconceived notions of what they believe. Telling someone what they have been taught their whole lives is fraudulent can cut to the core of their comfort zone.

However, it is important to understand that it is vital to open your mind to all options because it is here we can at least make an attempt to understand why our government can get away with what it does – why their illegal activities continue without public reprisal or revolution.

Take a look around you. Take a look at this false flag future. NO ONE respects money anymore. They don’t respect work for that money, either. Nor do they care that others toil for them and provide services or information only to have it underbid or over-sold and under-delivered. You could offer someone an opportunity to make money and they won’t accept it because it isn’t enough money.

If it is enough money they hold out for more and stifle any growth or hard work to obtain it. That is why socialism is such an easy sell to Americans. It is the hand out for just breathing, and the high price for inhaling what little air they can give you.

What a joke. This is where we are. It is sad but true. Value is sacrificed for the bottom line and people are left in the crossfire as the elite bet against you even living another day.

You don’t believe me? Take a look at the various perceived crises, the disaster, the destruction. You call it tragedy; the elite see it as progress.

The elite think they are fooling us into believing the economic boondoggle is not a rigged system. It is less of a stock market and more of a casino where tragedies are made by the stroke of pen, or an entry into a computer.

With stock prices rushing far ahead of economic reality over the last six or so years, more experts in the financial markets are coming to the same conclusion — it looks as if the economic downturn was a little late, but it conveniently started to plummet when it was announced the United States will have to change their attitudes about their country, their constitution and even their pre-state socialist economy.

The new form of government will have to rise out of scarcity. The technocrats can use this bear market as a functional method of economic torture. The threat of taking guns away, or seizing your property is not enough to control people and so we see the ante has been raised to include more “have nots” than “haves.” It is been raised to make it more difficult to put food on your table and to have a secure retirement and confidence in the money system.

The profits and revenues in the corporate world aren’t growing enough to justify current high stock prices.

Companies have gotten into the business of aggressively buying back massive quantities of their own shares. It is theorized the strategy here is to reduce the shares owned by the public. It is a sly trick to boost the calculation of profit–per-share. The earnings remain the same while outstanding shares are reduced.

I know that I am not some economic guru or brain trust – but it really doesn’t matter if you don’t fully understand the rigging of the market and the consequences of this blatant conspiracy to keep us right on the brink of starvation.

It is now evident that the value of life has been depleted and money will no longer have meaning. It will be just paper to be swept away and lives will be devastated by financial ruin.

Last summer, China’s central bank devalued its tightly controlled currency, causing its biggest one-day loss in two decades. Gerald Celente of Trends Journal appeared on Ground Zero to announce that China has been rigging the game all along and that any kind of devaluing of currency or stocks or an economic sputter in China could plunge the United States economy as well.

The Chinese devalued their currency stating the change would help drive the currency toward more market-driven movements. The move also signaled the government’s growing worry about slow growth.

In the past, we have seen the rigging of the system by the world’s flawed and fraudulent banking system at the expense of entire populations. Bank manipulations and money devaluing have sent economies into the bowels of hell, and poverty has been known to spark wars, fully funded by the banking systems that launder the money for criminal regimes.

Watching the economic system crumble signals some very frightening things to come – and we have already told you that this has been the plan since August 19th, 2010 when the military outlined their plans for full spectrum control in a manual entitled “Full Spectrum Operations in the Homeland: A ‘Vision’ of the Future.”

It defines “full spectrum” operations, as requiring the military to prepare for internal campaigns against radicalized American citizens: There will be if necessary, “full spectrum operations in the coming two decades according to the US Army Training and Doctrine Command, The Army Operating Concept dated 2016 – 2028.

“In case of large scale civil unrest the military will provide offensive, defensive, civil support operations on U.S. soil.”

The underlying scenarios are set for 2016 if the economy does not improve and unrest grows. These plans were devised 15 years ago – which includes the detailed operations that will be deployed in case of economic failure, which will lead to civil crisis.

It is blatantly obvious to me and many others who have been told that they are tin foil hat wearing fear mongers that new sustainable government proposed for global governance will get a lot of its power by offering the public a way out of their financial scarcity.

It is an easy task to guarantee a membership in the New World Order, when the old form of governing and sovereignty appears to have betrayed everyone, forcing people to fight over resources that are bad for their well-being in the first place.

Anyone can see that with the inability to be self-reliant, people will have to succumb to new government “reparations” in a time of social, spiritual and financial upheaval.

History has shown us that economies, stock market and currencies have failed before and the results of these failures are in the body count and the ruin left behind. The ruin is not just what is left of the buildings and blight. The ruin is also measured in the loss of hope and the desperation of the human being when times are tough. There is always that fighting spirit of recovery in some people, but when given hopeless circumstances people will be known to turn on each other.

If you want to know the outcome of failed economies you can dig into historical accounts provided after the Revolutionary War, pre-Nazi Germany and the Weimar Republic, The Argentine Dirty War and its failing peso and many other countries that have had to face the failures of the banks and tanking economies.

Biblically, when the economy failed in Egypt, the land became the Pharaoh’s and the Egyptians became slaves. When the Weimar Republic lost their economy they became ruled by the Nazis.

If our Bear market and the devaluation of currency continues on a plunge to crisis status—history stands a good chance of repeating itself. The difference is we have been told what will await us and what government in the wings and by some stroke of retro causality we are already feeling it and are spiraling dismally toward it.

Yes, I know it is the sustainable government of the future but it appears as though the younger liberal generation of voters see what is coming and is too anesthetized to care.

We should all resolve that the future they have planned for us is already here in spirit. It is the false idea that it is our only hope seething into the zeitgeist.

Many people see a future America as a battlefield that will soon be under martial law. Circumstances such as a currency war, a bottoming out of oil prices and domestic asymmetric terrorism in the United States would cripple us and our economy so bad that we would see martial law declared.

In testimony before the Senate Committee on Intelligence, President Barack Obama’s new Director of National Intelligence, Dennis Blair, warned that the deepening financial crisis posed a major threat to U.S. national security and warned that if it gets worse it could trigger a return to the “violent extremism” of the 1920s and 1930s.

A Homeland Security State will not be out of the question and the whole society could become militarized much like the Germans were prior to World War II. The global governing structure would be and could be implemented in order to reign in control over the banks. During a global crisis you can bet on any number of scenarios based on historical maneuvers.

Just because we think we are informed and technologically advanced doesn’t mean we can escape the actions that have followed a financial disaster. Once the U.S. financial meltdown begins many other nations follow suit. A new governing body would be empowered to maintain and enforce social stability.

The group would be called temporary and then would become formalized as the new preliminary world advisory board on “Continuity of Government.” This group will remain as the world governing body until we forget that they were put there in the first place. They will be or financial saviors working miracles with socialist policies and economical corporatist structures. The solution would be a global centralized currency and World Bank.

I have decided to call this the Arcturus Protocol, so named as the guardians of the Bear, those in power that force a Bear market in order to guarantee the arrival of the great 666 or beast system. A system that is meant to implode the Union and destabilize the foundations of what we call, the Rule of Law.

Many experts now are saying that a financial meltdown and martial law are on their way here in America. It seems a future that has been proposed has once again affected the present in such a way that there are numerous events transpiring that will guarantee some sort of implosion in the states.

The chains that kept the beast tied down are now beginning to weaken and soon it will rise again — as the government that many will see as the great 666. We do not know if this cyclical failure will be the catalyst for a fulfillment of prophecy, but we do know what has been proposed and we know that biometric identification, computer chipping, and maybe even a new charismatic leader will seal the deal for the watchdogs who have their hands tightly clutching their Bibles.

I have pointed out consistently that rituals and traumatic events have either been conjured or orchestrated by Intelligence cabals in order to create a crisis as an object lesson to test the faith of the people. The people are left with no choice but to bow before the holder of the keys of power.

The keys that are held by the elite are being used to unlock the door to the abyss. The abyss is where our beast awaits. The door swings wide open and the United States will have to deal with ruin and financial catastrophe before the new proposal of a worldwide government as savior to the people who are living in scarcity.

Some may try to fight, but they will be the unfortunate few that will be in the body bags. Sometimes we learn that through the senseless death of innocent life we see social changes.

However, we must be careful that these changes are not for the empowerment of the police state.

Changes must truly provide a safe and sustainable country for our progeny.

It is difficult to paint this picture of dread while every well-intentioned freedom fighter is in the face of the perceived enemy saying they are tearing down the New World Order.

There is also hope that hitting rock bottom can be a great teacher. If we wind up at the bottom, if we realize that we are not too big to fail, then perhaps we can step in and make the correct changes in order to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.