Despite evidence that every aspect of our physical environment is being manipulated and damaged for the war effort, some Americans cannot accept that dangerous covert operations are being conducted by a government they still believe to be a virtuous defender of freedom and are gullible with regards to Politically based Global Warming and atmospheric tinkering. Their stumbling block is a numbing belief that their own officials would never humanity in danger because since “they have families too”

Although “they” had families too, the U.S. government and its defense contractors exposed citizens of the Northwestern region of the United States to huge and deliberate releases of radioactive iodine from the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington state, where plutonium was produced for nuclear bombs virtually creating mutant citizenry prone to thyroid problems and cancers.
Those Cold War “protectors of freedom” released unleashed radiation illnesses upon thousands of down winders, some of whom received up to 350 rads of radiation, during radioactive bomb tests in Utah and New Mexico. To this day Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah contain some of the most dangerous pathogens in the world and whistle blowers have stated that there are still strange things that go on in the west deserts of Utah.

We are told that defense officials perpetrated these tests so that scientists can learn about how to “protect” Americans from nuclear attack. Can anyone see how stupid it is to support the political war machine? Can anyone see how all of these doomsday eco-threats have been a byproduct of a military Industrial complex run amok?
Years ago, It made liberals angry to know that neo-cons that followed Bush into War mindlessly waving the flag supported torture and injustices caused by the Patriot act. Now mesmerized Obama cult worshippers continue to excuse unwarranted death in Afghanistan and the indecisive stances on torture and the evils of wiretapping. What happened to the anger? What happened to the alleged standards of the “progressive movement?” Isn’t it nice to know that as we fight over our political differences we are all lab rats participating in our own culling?

A caller to my show was saying to me that we are living longer lives. While we may think that lives are longer, the truth is there are ways to promote a long life however the truth is most Americans aren’t living to old ages. Many are dying younger. 780,000 people per year are dying from what is called “premature” death. Doctors are saying that most premature deaths are caused from the most innocuous things. Things that you wouldn’t think would kill you are now waiting to strike. Some of those things are avoidable. Things such as nature or even acts of war are unavoidable.

As the war party continues to fill its chest and people are all taking sides on who is evil and who isn’t and who should live and who we should preemptively kill in order to maintain our healthy and fruitful lifestyle in the United States—there is a reality that Americans do not want to admit to. The reality is that the ongoing effort of the Military Industrial complex to “defend” us in the Middle East is actually killing us at home. The residual waste from weapons has to go somewhere.

The wars we fight now are much different than the wars we fought in the 20th century. The weapons used are far more sophisticated and have far too many side effects on the environment and on the lives of everyone on planet earth.

What if I were to tell you that they have already started the nuclear war and they never told you? That all this time we have been awaiting the dropping of the big one but it has been the little ones that have been dropped over time making our planet a toxic nuclear waste dump.

When we hear of depleted uranium weaponry we don’t stop and think that the word ‘depleted’ is a public relations spin. It makes it sound like the nuclear material is worn out. It’s not. It’s Uranium.
Nuclear waste remains radioactive for billions of years, contaminating ground, water and air, causing cancer, birth defects and death, although DU is allegedly “safe” for humans, according to Pentagon scientists..Safe even though it is made to kill people… stupidity never ceases to amaze me.
Cancer rates and birth defects have skyrocketed in Iraq. Infertility rates have also sky rocketed as have cases of depression and suicide.

As you can see it doesn’t take a scientist to figure out what is going on here. Why Iraq is suffering the same fate as Yugoslavia and Afghanistan. It has been found in The United Kingdom and now we see it coming home to the United States.

The highest levels of depleted uranium ever measured in the atmosphere in the U.K., were transported on air currents from the Middle East and Central Asia. Of special significance were those from the Torah Bora bombing in Afghanistan in 2001, and the “Shock & Awe” bombing during Gulf War II in Iraq in 2003. “.The British government facility that monitored the lethal effects was taken over 3 years ago by Halliburton, which refused to release air monitoring data, as required by law. What do you think they are hiding? We are also seeing the same cover up taking place here in the U.S. with Regard to the radioactivity From the Fukishima Daiichi plant. It has been confirmed by the Christian Science monitor that Radiation has been detected in the air or water in 13 states, but ‘far below levels of public health concern.’ Rainwater is called safe to drink. Massachusetts is monitoring milk supply.

Higher than usual levels of radiation were detected by 12 monitoring stations in Alaska, Alabama, California, Guam, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands, and Washington State. The truth is that now after a year of testing the levels spike and then drop. The exposure most certainly is there and more people have done independent testing of the water, fish, and dairy products. There are “trace amounts” of radiation, found in Massachusetts rain water and by state officials and nuclear power plant radiation sensors in Colorado, South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, and Pennsylvania, the Associated Press and Reuters reported.

A lot of people are concerned that the lack of information about the this situation is because the government does not want us to figure out that this nuclear event could actually become close to extinction level or at least an event responsible for mega death.

The leaders of the world are no longer worried about the survivability about such nuclear threats. They have now met together and they continue to push the nuclear clock closer to midnight.

The two-day Nato summit 2012 has declared that interim ballistic missiles will protect NATO countries amid growing threats to security especially from those boasting of nuclear capability. The summit also decided to deploy a highly sophisticated Alliance Ground Surveillance system in order to facilitate the forces to work better in a safe environment.

Radioactive waste doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t care about your innocence, whether you’re Arab or Kurd, European or Asian, baby or insurgent, American soldier or American business contractor. D.U. doesn’t dissolve in water, meaning it is never excreted from an animal’s body. It is passed on into any offspring and into their offspring. It is the perfect weapon, working through postmodern society’s greatest enemy–time. You see, the nightly news will only report casualties. What they can’t report is future casualties, the ones that we will be waiting for and that we shall surely see in the future. We have already nudged the advent of the end of the world.

Barack Obama used words from a Hopi Indian prophecy when he stated that “We are the ones We are waiting for.” Meaning that we are the ones that have to save ourselves in the end. The Hopi were well aware of the dangers to come. They were well aware that power would corrupt and that changes in the earth would take place as we abuse ourselves and push life’s limits too far. In fact the whole Hopi prophecy was delivered nearly 10 years ago.

In 1997, just after the appearance of comet Hale Bopp there was an urgent message that was sent out by the Hopi Elders regarding the future of the planet. It was stated that some time during the 21st century , there would be an appearance of the red Kachina with the purifier Sirius and an appearance of a blue Kachina. They spoke about humanity seeing strange things going on with the seasons, the trees, the bees, frogs, and other anomalies in the cosmos signifying the great transformation of human beings.
Further in the Hopi Prophecy it was stated that after the appearances of these anomalies in the sky, the great war, perhaps World War III will be started by those peoples who first revealed the light (the divine wisdom or intelligence) in the other old countries (India, China, Russia, Islamic Nations, Africa.)

What awaits Barack Obama if he remains President through 2012 is the weighty responsibility of defending the United States – against a nasty brew of nuclear weapons problems that range from the threat of terrorist attacks on the Homeland to potential new regional and superpower arms races. Iran and North Korea are rushing headlong toward building nuclear arsenals. There is also a threat of a mass terrorist attack at the London Olympics. Many people speculate that it will be a nuclear attack.

It is becoming likely that the Nuclear Genie is in control of the elites. With it their wishes will be granted. There will be more resources for them and many of he faithful will have their eschaton. Always we must be careful what we wish for.