When I was in McMinnville, Oregon over the weekend my friend Roger Clooten was speaking to another gentleman over breakfast about how he worked on one of those “deadliest catch” type crab boats when he was young. It was like listening to old war stories as the men are confronted daily by gale force winds rip tides and other obstacles. Roger spoke of a friend of is that died during a routine expedition and how a wave of water just swallowed him up and he was gone.

There’s something innately terrifying about sailing in the open water. Even now, centuries after man created maps showing monsters at the edge of the world, much of the planet’s oceans continue to remain unexplored, holding secrets that can often frighten even the most seasoned sailors.

Such is the case with a story shared on Reddit by a man with a decade of service in the United States Navy, and the “horrific” encounter with what he believes was an inhuman intelligence that cut his ship’s power and took over the high frequency airwaves, spreading communications that “crawled under his skin”.

In ten years of service, he says he’s never heard anything like it… and never wants to again.

The sailor known only as drizzt9889 said the following:

I’ve been in the US Navy for almost a decade and I am currently on my third deployment to the western pacific “I work on communications equipment and spend a fair amount of time just scanning different frequencies to see what I come across.

A couple years back we were 30-40 NM off the coast of the Philippines, it was just over the horizon, and the ship lost power. Lights, engines, everything just went silent; I don’t want to say this is regular, but it’s happened enough throughout my career that it doesn’t bother me half as much as it should. So, power is out, emergency lights are on, and the UPS are keeping comms up until the engineers can get the power back up.

I am doing my usual, scanning HF freqs for anything coming out of the PI when my receiver starts picking up… the most awful, interesting, horrific sounds I have ever heard in my life. I’ve heard all types of interference, it wasn’t that…I’ve heard people trying to go over an encrypted circuit without crypto, and it wasn’t that. It raised the hair on my neck and arms, and made me feel very, very small. It felt like I was sitting there for hours while these sounds crawled under my skin, like I was traveling through the warp without a Gellar field.

After about 5 minutes it’s suddenly stopped and the power came back on. I will never forget the sounds I heard.

Spooky as hell. When a few readers asked for a better description of the sounds, Dr. Z was quick to respond, but felt uncomfortable just doing so.

For nearly a decade the internet has been the only place where you can learn about strange sounds that have been recorded in Europe, the Midwest, of unknown groaning or ringing. Many compare to the sounds of the “horn” used by the alien tri-pods from the movie War of the Worlds.

A new group of sounds have been recorded recently and it seems the frequency of the sounds have grown in scope and people who have heard them are convinced that they are some sort of warning that the end times are upon us.

Nostradamus has warned:” Where all is good, the Sun all beneficial and the Moon is abundant, its ruin approaches: From the sky it advances to change your fortune. In the same state as the seventh rock.”

After the 9/11 attacks, on September 17, 2001, the stock market plunged 700 points or 7% in response to the events.

The “Shemitah” or “Sabbath year,” is the seventh year of the seven-year agricultural cycle mandated by the Torah for the land of Israel. Understanding this seven-year pattern is essential for understanding the prophecy and mysteries of the Bible that are still applicable today. According to many Rabbis and religious clerics The Shemitah will shake the foundations of the earth and will test the world for a cycle of seven years.

The biblical Feast of Trumpets, also known as the Jewish New Year, begins at sundown on September 24th, 2014, which also marks the appearing of a new moon. However, this year is a Shemitah year.

Just as the seventh day was laid out by God as a day of rest in the Hebrew Old Testament, every seventh year was designated as a Sabbath year. The word “Shemitah” is most often translated as time of “release” a time of “unraveling” a time where things go into “remission.” Just as we benefit from the spoils of the earth and great wealth, there is a time according to the Hebrew calendar where things fall apart, deteriorate, or even go away. It is a time for a dying off of things that are on the planet.

Things are later renewed in due time. Shemitah is a time where unfortunately things that were not strong in the first place collapse. It is predicted that in a Shemitah year empires see their fortunes rise and fall in accordance with the cycle. Germany, for example, began its Third Reich with the annexation of Austria in 1938, a Shemitah year, and it ended seven years later when Adolph Hitler committed suicide in April 1945, another Shemitah year.

The Russian, Japanese, Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian empires also fell in the year of Shemitah.

If we look at Shemitah prophecies by a Saturnalian cycle of prophecy in a window that occurs every 28-29 years we see a very chilling pattern.

In 1945, a Shemitah year, America emerged as the uncontested leader of the free world following the surrender of Germany and Japan in World War II. And 28 years later, in another Shemitah year in 1973, America lost its first war, Vietnam, fell victim to the Arab oil embargo and saw its dollar weaken as a result of President Nixon’s decision to remove it from the gold standard two years earlier.

Now in another cycle of 28 years from the period, we see the attacks on the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001, and a historic stock market collapse a few days later, followed by another historic market collapse seven years later in the Shemitah year of 2008.

It is being proposed that in this Shemitah year the United States will lose its role as the leader of the free world. Prophecy is pointing to a time in America where military strikes against various countries will bring down the economy and we will also see that value of the dollar drop, inflation reach an all time high and we will see the arrival of various plagues and sickness that will take the lives of many Americans.

In the story of the opening of the Seventh Seal John the Revelator heard something in the heavens. He heard rumblings and thunders and great sounds of trumpets.

When the seventh seal was opened, however, he saw nothing and heard nothing for about half an hour. Half an hour is not a long time, but half an hour of silence can seem like an eternity, whether it is “dead air” on radio or television or a silence during a dinner after you have had a fight with your significant other.

The “silence” has been interpreted as the preparation for the judgment about to fall upon Jerusalem in the seventh year. It is also believed that the silence after the greater trumpets is that it was ample time to hear the prayers are from the Christians who in the times that he saw were beheaded the great 666 or Antichrist.

Just last week there were many end times broadcasters that were beginning to speak of the seventh seal, the seventh year, and the persecution of Christians including the possibility that while Barack Obama is not the antichrist — he is the American Antichrist who has cursed us with his stand against Israel.

Self-proclaimed prophet Mena Lee Grebin joined Rick Wiles on his “Trunews” program yesterday to discuss various angelic visitations and divinely inspired visions she has experienced that have warned her of an imminent economic collapse and the coming of the Last Days.

Grebin told Wiles that President Obama “brought a curse on us” and doomed America with what she said are anti-Israel policies, noting that while she doesn’t think Obama is the Antichrist, he is “our Antichrist.”

Wiles agreed that Obama is bringing America down and is a forerunner of the Antichrist. As proof, he cited the results of the Kentucky Derby: “He has a spirit of Antichrist operating in him, he is America’s pharaoh. Interestingly, the horse American Pharaoh won the horse race Saturday, another little sign to America, there’s been many of them over the years since Obama’s been in.”

While on he surface these claims may sound like a bit of stretch but for some time Obama has been known as “the American Pharaoh,” and many have compared him to King Akhenaten.

Obama is already becoming a mythological being much like his father before him. He fits the metaphor of the chosen monomythical hero to the letter. He is a cultural Icon and has been called the Savior of the world. George Lucas who based Star Wars on Joseph Campbell’s “Myth of the Hero” has even commented that Obama has fulfilled the “Monomyth” conceptualized by Joseph Campbell. This anthropologist believed that there was one basic archetypal myth upon which all mythologies are based. In these tales, a hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder: fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won: the hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man. There are few who fit this mold but Campbell cites mythical beings including Buddha, Moses and Christ.

Obama does share another trait of Jesus and Moses: mysterious or “dark fathers.” While Christians believe in a miraculous birth for Jesus there are those who say that he was a product of either rape or that a man named Joseph was the natural father. The real father of Moses is not known either.

It was shown in history that there were two accounts. The first Moses was the son of a man named Joseph. However, the Bible states that the father of Moses was not Joseph, but Amram. There is also history that states that Akhenaten acknowledged “Imram” to be his divine father. This has led some to believe that Moses and Akhenaten are the same person, as Sigmund Freud theorized in his book Moses and Monotheism.

In the magical realms and in occult writings the trumpets, the silence, the prayers and the fear of the silence is that while many will see the end times indications for what they are others will be indifferent until they begin to see signs that an out of control government is being espoused signaling a outward cry out of the domination of what can only be seen as the “superman” icon.

Most dictatorships are welcomed for what they offer. In the lack of objective truth and objective morality what the superman or pharaoh says is true and what this designated strongman does is good.

If the dictator cannot bring meaning out of the mindlessness, at least he can bring order out of the chaos. If he cannot bring beauty out of the beastliness, at least he can promise security in the midst of terror. If he cannot bring morality out of the morass at least he can impose law on the lawless.

This is why, in the end times, “the abomination of desolation will stand in the holy place.” The temple is destined to be destroyed and the world economy will fall into oblivion.

Watch the panic of the people and watch the cool calculations of the dictatorship.

The antichrist will stand there and he will be worshiped and adored for he will save his people from their relativism. He will promise to deliver them from their self created hell while still allowing them all their decadent pleasures. He will be someone at last to believe in and serve and they will fall at his feet like scared and whining children longing to be his devotees, his debauchees, his supplicating victims, and his willing slaves.

All happening in the uncomfortable silence… after the loud roar of the greater trumps.

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