As I was perusing through the news of the week I stared to see patterning and word phrasing that troubled me. Each news story that I was researching had all had a connection to either Jesus or Kings. It seemed that no matter how I tried to ignore the connections it seemed to be an eerie synchronicity for me . America lives in and argumentative media culture where ideas are seldom exchanged without the approach of “besting” and literally silencing and dismissing new ideas for old ones. In our collective consciousness we see things in metaphor and whether we know it or not we are subjected to messages that we do not understand on the surface level but are with us in our core levels.

Hardly anyone indulges in conversations dealing with the patterns can be seen in everyday life, nor do they take the time to pick up on cues that might planet memes and from those memes come triggers and from those triggers some people will ritualize or initiate an action that will shock or otherwise leave us mentally and physically transfixed.

I have thoughts that are deep within me and I see things others don’t. I know I pick up on what many people will say is crazy cues, and make wild predictions but as I begin to explain myself – you may see what I am talking about.

I was reading about the Ohio shooter T.J. Lane. School shootings are a rare oddity and they never cease to conjure nightmares when they are reported on the news. They are far more frightening when you look into the cases after the dust settles and the bodies are in the body bags and sent to the morgues.

“Experts” will try and piece together a portrait of TJ Lane by looking at his Facebook page and read what he tweets, however I really don’t know if they will even consider that one of his inspirations was David Ike. Icke of course has delivered in many of his books the mystical secrets of what is happening behind the scenes. He has told us that people in places of power namely, the Royal family and perhaps our President and Pope are shape shifting reptilians.

How fascinating is this especially in a time where there are plots of assassination being reported in the Italian news against the Pope. There was a story out of Canada about Author Billy Rennie being detained in the 1960’s because he was a suspect in an attempted assassination of Queen Elizabeth II. However the biggest coincidence of all is that the victims of the Chardon High School shooting all had names that were associated with kings. The victims were Demetrius Hewlin, Russell King Jr., and Daniel Parmertor. Mere names to the mainstream media, to pattern seekers they contain the meme of three “king” kills as pretext to perhaps a greater incident of a King kill meme.

The name Demetrius of course is the name of the king of Macedonia in 294 BC and then there is the last name of Russell King and the last name Parmertor which is an old Celtic word for the noble king.

There were old pagan customs that a King would be put to death after a year’s reign if he did not serve his kingdom well. This ritual was known as the King kill, a practice of putting the king to death ritualistically if he failed his kingdom or betrayed his people. These rituals were not limited to kings. There were also times where governors and magistrates also shared the fate and there have been times where it has been proposed that various Popes also were victims of the ritual.
There have been about 15 popes assassinated over the years. This number does not include quite a large number of very early popes who were martyred before Constantine the Great legalized Christianity. Nor does it include Pope John Paul I who died under mysterious circumstances that many think was an assassination.
There are even some people who believe that since 1960 the entire Pope’s have been assassinated with the exception of John Paul II.

In the manuscript ‘King Kill 33′ by James Shelby Downard and Michael A. Hoffman. a King Kill ritual took place in Dallas Texas when Kennedy was shot and his death televised for all of the world to see. It was similar to the crucifixion of Christ as an entire nation watched, he was labeled a Martyr, the prince of Camelot, a Christ like figure whose assailant died later similar to Judas.
Downard says in his essay that

“The entire left wing-right wing scenario is a chess game where various pawns are motivated by emotions to follow the orders of “Kings and Queens” whose allegiance is to psychological control objectives and propaganda is one of the ways that psychological control is established.”

They control us through imagery and information and they are not above conducting ritual in order to send a message to the masses. It is also not beyond the possibility that government’s uses astrology and other chaos magic techniques in order to ensure that whatever it is that they do can affect critical mass deep into their core belief system.

This is why it is striking for me to see that perhaps another meme has been unleashed and that is a Trinity of Kings has been shot and killed. The idea that death’s of the great and noble in our world happen in 3’s.

It is also indicative of what we might be seeing on a grand scale and that is more deaths in the news and those deaths being religious figures, political figures, and those that are found dead sitting in their thrones.

These deaths will make way for will make way for other rulers that will commit to the charge set forth from the ruler before. According to Downard

“The United States, which has long been called a melting pot, should more descriptively be called a witches’ cauldron wherein the ‘Hierarchy of the Grand Architect of the Universe’ arranges for ritualistic crimes and psychopolitical psychodramas to be performed in accordance with a Master plan.”

Downard believed that all things that happen are permitted and that they do have a propensity of following a mystical law. It may be that we are about to take another mystical step towards alchemical change and the memes and archetypes are unfolding before us. We really dint have anyone who can point out the esoteric and so we go about our daily lives not knowing about what is to come. Downard indicated that the future will be a time where all that is hidden will be manifest. That a historical event would take place that would usher in an era of darkness.

There have been many apocalyptic predictions in or generation and there have been many upheavals in the way we live that brought about definite change. They have all been carried out by the numbers, by the mystic indicators, the sigils and the synchronicities that are uncanny.

Those symbols and signposts can be determined after the event. Could it be that the Trinity of Kings and the metaphor of the death of Kings , rulers, Popes, and priests exist in the year 2012?

What will this mean for the people of earth and who will they look to for leadership in the times of certain darkness?
These times are paranormal times and there are things in heaven and in earth that cannot be dreamt in any philosophy. There are many revelations to come and stories of sacrificial kings both past present and future.

With the kings of the past gone, there will be the future king to be crowned he shall be king always and forever. The earth will accept him as their new commander of faith.