Throwing Your Vote Away

Throwing Your Vote Away


For my own part I made it a point to avoid being a storm crow regarding the respective political conventions, however it would be hypocritical to not make an equally honest assessment of what I saw during both respective conventions and how I can now prove that your vote, doesn’t matter to the elite and the greatest conspiracy of all is the idea that what you do in the voting booth is merely converting your choice into worthless paper and putting it into a slot that should in reality be a circular file.

The scary part is that those who try to point out the obvious are shut down and told that they are spoiling the process of government by being a stick in the mud when it comes ti the various political parties. In order to truly be free, you must find yourself in a position of objectivity where you can with all patriotic fervor keep the empire that keeps you under their thumb honest.

At the Republican National Convention, Ron Paul supporters and grassroots Republican activists were fighting two key rule changes in the Republican Party: one that would bind all delegates to the statewide votes in the caucuses and primaries, and another that would allow the Republican National Committee to change its rules with a 3/4 vote without having a party convention. House Speaker John Boehner called for a voice vote on a Resolution to Adopt the Rules of the Convention, as written. He then asked if there were any objections. Several delegates were objecting, but Boehner ignored them and proceeded with the vote.

I really couldn’t believe what I was seeing. A large number of delegates were shouting “aye” and “no” from the floor. It seemed that the decibel level of both were similar if not the “no” vote being louder. It didn’t matter, Boehner said, “The ayes have it. How could the ayes have it when you could not discern the decibel level?

It was because it was all scripted and staged.

A teleprompter was displaying the results of the floor vote before the actual voice votes are cast saying “The ayes have it.” The establishment was going to railroad the process regardless of what happened during the voice vote.

This was not only evident at the Republican side show circus, but the Democratic floor vote was also a similar sham and once again the elite were once again ignoring the will of the people and pretending to have superhuman hearing when it comes to the decibel level of “ayes and nos.”

Many independent journalists namely Mathew Reece and Ben Swann from WXIX Cincinnati Ohio’s “Reality check” have illustrated the complete negation of the floor vote and also point out that there was also a contentious voice vote at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC.

Language from the 2008 Democratic platform referring to God and Jerusalem had been removed during the crafting of the 2012 platform, which caused controversy. The Democratic establishment responded by calling what appeared to be a scripted voice vote to return the language to the platform. The change was proposed by Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland immediately after the convention was gaveled to order.

Democratic National Convention Chairman and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa then conducted the voice vote. In each of the three successive votes, it was not clear that the “aye” votes even reached the decibel level of the “no” votes, but the motion was passed regardless.

What is most telling; however, is what happened after the second voice vote.

A woman emerged on stage, and the podium microphone captured her saying “You’ve got to rule it, and then you’ve gotta let them do what they’re gonna do,” as if to say, “This motion must pass. Say the ayes have it even if they don’t. To hell with what the delegates think. The establishment wants this done.” Villaraigosa then held the third voice vote, which produced roughly similar amounts of ayes and nos, and declared, “In the opinion of the chair, two-thirds have voted, the motion is adopted and the platform has been amended as shown on the screen.” The crowd of delegates responded to the ignoring of their will with a chorus of boos.

I was asked during an interview for a major magazine what I thought the biggest conspiracy in history was. I said that I thought the establishment of the United States was the biggest and most successful conspiracy of all time.

There were men who many would claim were directed by God, to conspire against a king and create a place on earth that was dedicated to the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of its citizenry. It was successful for a while however through a gradual undermining of the concept of democracy we watched as other conspirators did their best to create a different form of government that ignored the will of the people.

Carroll Quigley the author of Tragedy and Hope painted a picture of how the new conspirators in government operated when he said that “The two party system will eventually evolve into becoming almost identical so that the new psychology will always be “throw the rascals out” at any election. This type of attitude being forced on the American people literally stalls any profound or extensive shift in policy.

Quigley warned that he was seeing a transformation of America into a country where wealthy individuals would find that a conspiracy of like minded socialists could provide “candidates” in both parties that would touch on push button issues and use them as detours in order to create an illusion of choice while keeping the country headed in the same direction no matter who was at the helm of the country.

Ronald Regan once commented that politics is just like show business where you must always have one hell of an opening, coast for a while, and then have an end of a close.

In the last election there was concern that George W, Bush would suspend the elections in order to be a dictator of the United States. When that was obviously not happening The Wall Street Journal had quipped that there is no need to worry about Bush stealing a third term Because Barack Obama had filled the position and made it easier for us to swallow increased surveillance, draconian executive orders, and the continued polices outlined in
Patriot acts I and II.

No to mention policies like the NDAA and other expedient laws making it okay to kill American citizens without trial and to literally dissolve the rule of law in favor of government ruling by whim and not by wisdom.

The police state is now part of the American experience and now they no longer hide the fact that the votes of the people do not matter in their scripted plans for the future.