U.N.doing Democracy


There have been many times that I have secretly told friends and acquaintances that the paranormal work I do is intriguing and fun. It is always mesmerizing and it gives me the same feeling as I get when watching a magician fool me with sleight of hand or some other illusion. However, the conspiracy theorist in me is the practical side of the illusion and sometimes when you come upon something that just doesn’t sit well and then you report it, what happens next is thankless.

The truth has always been elusive for some, and with others they always seem to tell people that it is the panacea that makes you free. However, truth and freedom are in some cases states of mind and many people believe the truth is comfortable and is warm and inviting.

The truth really isn’t. The truth is uncomfortable that is why so many people choose to believe the lie. That is why we are now officially drowning in a sea of illusion in the United States and the distractions are being forced upon us to not look at the truth and while we are thinking that all things are under control, the under lying truth is yes they are truly under control—but in a way that is not suitable for a republic or a democracy.

Former President Jimmy Carter has now dropped the truth bomb on the American people and now it seems that he is the guy at the party that has placed the proverbial turd in the punchbowl.

In a meeting of the ‘Atlantic Bridge‘ held in Atlanta, Carter was asked about Eric Snowden and others that are attempting to expose the corruption in this country Carter remarked that “America does not have a functioning democracy at this point in time.

For a former president to say this in my opinion is unprecedented. However, we as Americans are too caught up in our little race-war-and-anger-party that has been designed to rile the masses to ensure that the police state has job security.

I can hear it now, there will be a blurb on the nightly news and there will be the useful idiots doing damage control and in essence saying just how much of an out-of-touch peanut farmer he is and how he should keep is toothy mouth shut, but I think that it is about time we listen.

Traditional democracy is gone and our foreign counter parts are now noticing. Our form of government now has demonstrated weakness and it is becoming apparent that our foreign counterparts are looking for a weakness to exploit, something that they can use to finally show us that we are no better than anyone else on the planet.

The outsiders looking in can now ascertain that we have no free media. We live in an illusion that it is free; however, now they are citing that Google and Facebook are platforms that are being used to monitor dissent and is used as a tool to crush or otherwise penalize anyone who speaks out against this type of oppression.

The outsiders are also seeing that we are having questionable elections, we have questionable leadership and many are now saying that much of what we are seeing happening in America is no different than what was done in Soviet Russia during the communist occupation.

Vocalize your disgust for the truth and learn the lesson, most American are disgusted with the courts, many want to see the elimination of due process and favor the police state and federal control when they are really pushed.

The media as the voice of the government maintains that national dialogue of crushing any subversive or otherwise rebellious prose against the government and the people are more than willing to support the dialogue by offering up their support in opinion polls and by continuing to support political parties that enable this unhealthy attitude.

Anyone in the media that wishes to break away from the Orwellian newspeak is now met with all kinds of harsh treatment many even die while in the midst of reporting the truth.

There has been a war declared on whistleblowers and the psychosis that ensues is fed by tyranny and secrecy.

I think that those who are honest with themselves know how this is going to end and that sad part is it appears that it will be a self-fulfilling prophecy of some bold country or even organization finding its way over our borders setting up camp and blending in.

Upon orders from some unknown command they will move from city to city doing for us what we believe we are doing for some country like Afghanistan or Iraq.

It wasn’t long ago North Korea was a sabre-rattling and threatening to attack the United states with their so-called nuclear capabilities. At first we laughed it off as a country, but as the media ratcheted up the possibility of a nuclear attack on American soil we immediately paid attention.

The attention was so overwhelming I would get complaint mail whenever I changed topics. People would tell me: “We’re about to be nuked and you want to talk about U.F.O.’s?!” I explained that I felt that U.F.O’s should be in the dialogue because of possible security threats. It didn’t matter the overwhelming group think was that North Korea was about to attack.

During this time of scrambled-up news and rumors of war, one of the great moments of being in the radio business is receiving reports from ham radio operators about radio activities and some remarkable theories about what might be happening behind the scenes. A Ground Zero listener in Ohio named Tim sent us a recording of a powerful technical data blast that appeared on the same frequency as a Cuban numbers station and the broadcast of the Voice of Korea.
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Olav Phillips appeared on Ground Zero and reported that there seemed to be something that was afoot between Cuba and North Korea, however with limited intelligence we were more or less aware of the fact that that the number station carrier was sending encrypted data to North Korean Sang–O submarines that were reported to be missing by South Korea.

This report was given last April and we received a lot of e-mails that supported our findings and still there were a few that believed that we were chasing a red herring and that what we were hearing was simply normal skip on the band.

We immediately had to abandon the research on what was happening because six days after our discovery two bombs were detonated in downtown Boston, an event that not only changed the course of American dialogue but also gave us the distraction needed form what was happening in North Korea.

On July 17th, 2013 Cuba’s Foreign Ministry confirmed that it sent missiles and other military equipment to North Korea aboard a ship that was seized by Panamanian government authorities earlier. There was no indication as to how long this had been going on however after the initial sting by Panamanian government both Cuba and North Korea began explaining that the weapons were nearly 50 years old and it really wasn’t newsworthy.

I was thinking that maybe this would be kind of like saying “There was only food on the Lusitania, honest!” However, this could very well be a decoy for something far-reaching and that while we are caught up in all of the distractions here in the United States there seems to be a bit of movement from other countries, that may signal a possible attempt to once again threaten us.

The rumor mill once again has been hot and while rumors cannot be counted as news and disinformation can sometimes creep into the substance, there seems to be this overwhelming and compelling rumor that we have silently and carefully been invaded by foreign troops, many of these soldiers are coming in with the blessing of the Obama administration.

Russian and American troops are now training together in a joint FEMA exercise and while it has been downplayed as being situation normal there are others who say that they just can’t see why America would need a rumored 50,000 Russian soldiers to aid in a disaster scenario like an earthquake or hurricane.

Not to mention the new findings of yet another 100,000 troops that are currently training in the United States.

Stories like these have gone viral along with yet more stories of possible aircraft and military ordinance, trucks, and personnel with U.N. insignia and other symbols being seen at airports and in national parks.

US Defense Department Press Officer Wendy L. Snyder stated the Russian military members are participating in joint anti-terrorism drills. Snyder also said, “This is part of a formal bilateral exchange program between the US and Russia that seeks to develop transparency and promote defense reform.

The Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense release stated that FEMA and the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry will be conducting joint rescue operations for major disasters. Representatives from both nations met in Washington, D.C. last week to finalize the logistics of the endeavor.

Last year, you may remember that there was a rumor that Russian troops were also training with American soldiers at Fort Carson, Colorado. All of the training exercises were denied by the government but as the rumor continued to gain momentum it was finally revealed that U.S. Troops were in fact working with Russian and Foreign soldiers practicing urban warfare, civil unrest, and civil disturbance scenarios. Russian troops were also called upon to train with U.S. Troops in order to deal with terrorist raids and martial law scenarios that may happen in the United States.

It is important to understand that while this is going on, there are a number of naysayers that believe that the whole troop rumor has been blown out of proportion and that while there was an agreement signed between FEMA and the Russian Emergency Ministry in June, the official word is that they are only calling for the foreign troops to share the expertise of first responders only.

I guess the big question is whether or not the United States is being set up for a covert take over. Perhaps we are seeing tests and standards being set in other countries like Egypt and elsewhere. The entire world is on edge and we are seeing the mirror imaging of such crisis that keeps us vigilant and aware.