Waking The God Of Thunder


Last night as I was finishing up my show and heading home, I was already hot on the trail of some information that I felt needed to be shared with my audience. There were a few callers to the show that indicated that they were convinced that there was most certainly a secret space program and that while we are being told that budgets are being cut for space exploration, pockets are virtually bottomless when it comes to the military secretly creating a war fortress in space.

We are constantly hearing rumors about the millions of dollars that are secretly funneled into Pentagon projects that are blasted into space during secret launches. Their payloads are classified and while the final frontier used to be a means to generate hope and accomplishment it is now that dark void that has become a junkyard and a potential mine filed for weapons and payloads for war.

Rockets and astronauts used to carry payloads of exploratory equipment that captured the imaginations of the nation’s youth. They also knew of the responsibility of the psychological payloads of the people on Earth that would look up and see heroes in space suits declaring that they had accomplished the impossible.

Today we have an emphasis on weapons payloads and surveillance satellites and on earth we have a few die hard enthusiasts that cheer on the blurry pictures from mars and put into the memory hole the courageous men that were supposed to set foot on the moon 44 years ago.

We are continually being told that new missions wait for a new generation of American astronauts as China successfully launched a lunar probe into space to deliver a robotic rover to the moon’s surface.

Now we know that this is China’s first attempt at landing any spacecraft on extra-terrestrial regolith and is putting China one step closer to their future plans to land Chinese astronauts on the moon.

It is sad to realize that the actions of China have not really put any fire under our space program to once again go back to the Moon or as was proposed with the Constellation Orion project a mission to Mars in 2021.

Of course, this was scrapped by the Obama administration in the face of the trillions of dollars in deficits that the United States has rung up. What money we had has been used to fortify the instruments of war that are pointed at the American people. That leads me to believe that perhaps there truly is a secret space program that benefits the military and puts the planet in danger of an attack from space from a hostile enemy or even a false flag event carried out by our own government that can conveniently be called “natural” by scientists that refuse to take the time to investigate things that fall from heaven.

We need to consider the possibility that what we are seeing above us is not exactly what we are being told by NASA or any other government entity that speaks on behalf of the space program.

If we look back in history at proposed space weapons programs, we can see that there have always been plans in the works to make space the perfect place to keep weapons in order to have an advantage at first strike capabilities.

However, the tricky part is setting up weapons that don’t violate nuclear treaties. The answer to this problem is to create weapons that don’t have a nuclear payload but can do the same amount of damage.

This was accomplished with a program called ‘Project Thor‘, a space-based weapons program – or at least an effective facsimile – that is believed to be secretly employed above us. ‘Project Thor’ was named after the hammer-wielding Norse god who could rain metal death down from heaven as he pleased.

‘Project Thor’ is basically summed up as “an orbiting tungsten telephone pole with small fins and a computer in the back for guidance.” Once given the launch command, a satellite would drop the ‘pole,’ which would then speed up until going at orbital velocity, around 10 miles a second. At this speed, when it hit a ground based target, it would have the explosive equivalent of a small-yield nuclear weapon and would also have great penetrating power because of its long, thin profile.

This program is the first example of what we now call “kinetic bombardment,” using dense objects traveling at very high speeds to eliminate targets without the need of explosives, no need for nuclear bombs. The force would be similar on a smaller scale to that of a comet or meteor impact on the planet.

It also creates a way to once again use plausible deniability with regards to a possible attack. All the government has to do is wake the “god of thunder” and pray that he throws down the metal hammer on some unsuspecting country that assumes that what hit them was nothing more than meteor or comet fragment.

There was a weapons program initiated in the early 80’s that was called – either officially or unofficially – ‘Rods from God‘. The system worked on the same principles as the Thor program, but was obviously a lot more accurate, and could be likened to an Earth-penetrating nuclear weapon, like the Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator. The rods, one foot thick and 20 feet long, would be able to hit almost any target on the Earth’s surface, with a minimum time from when the order was given to when the projectile struck of about 15 minutes. The advantages are that these tungsten rods could silently be launched in earth orbit, drop over a target and would be able to go unnoticed by radar until it is too late.

The Pentagon denies the programs exist and that the weapons are even up there. However, the “U.S. Air Force Transformation Flight Plan,” published by the Air Force in November 2003, references “hypervelocity rod bundles” in its outline of future space-based weapons, and in 2002, another report from RAND, “Space Weapons and Earth Wars” dedicated entire sections to the technology’s usefulness.

The fireballs that have been reported recently and the UFO’s that are peppering the skies have been explained away as natural phenomena for many years. The volume of the reports, the size, explosions and the areas where they have come down have raised some suspicion as to whether or not they are part of a cosmic sweeper effect or a weapons test of those so-called “hypervelocity rod bundles”.

At one time, there was speculation from Russian scientists that the fireball and explosion over Chelyabinsk was not a natural event. The trajectory of the fireball was said to have been directed at the nuclear facility there and hours later another fireball was reported to have exploded over Cuba, creating conspiracy yarns and possible disinformation about a possible intentional kinetic bombardment.

What wasn’t apparent was the motive for such an attack, so the United States was blamed because of its so-called secret space technologies.

I know that it can be easy to dismiss this as conspiracy theory, but it has to be indicated that the timing of the two events in Russia and Cuba has a synchronistic psychological connection that can be seen as political – and with the nuclear sites involved, a secret act of war.

It is also interesting to note that while we were monitoring a near miss with another asteroid, two space rocks are seen lighting up the skies over Cuba and Russia creating terror as they explode over populated areas.

UFO’s, missiles, kinetic weapons?

Is it all just overactive imaginations trying to make sense out of cosmic catastrophes?

It does not really matter what side of the fence you land on with regards to near-earth objects and UFO’s because the reality is that they are out there and until they are identified. We can speculate all we want about extra-terrestrials, but it is disingenuous for us not to concede that there are facts that also indicate that a secret space program could explain many of the so-called UFO’s that we see and are reported on the news or the Internet.

I have lamented before that the state of Ufology has been plagued with new age nonsense that places the UFO into the same category as gnomes, fairies and elementals. However, it would be considered anathema to rule out the extra-terrestrial or alien connections to UFO’s. Can we, for the moment, entertain the idea that a secret space program could produce UFO activity that has little or nothing to do with E.T.’s?

This could account for some of the UFO’s that have been seen lately. Many of these UFO’s appear to be cylindrical, much like a rocket or projectile, and more like a space platform such as what was reported when hacker Gary McKinnon breached security on a so-called “secure” NASA computer network.

McKinnon happened to hack into a series of computers in the Pentagon, NASA, and other sensitive military locations. McKinnon claimed he was seeking information on UFOs and says he found files dealing with “non-terrestrial officers” and “fleet-to-fleet transfers” involving ships not on any U.S. Navy registry.

This story makes us wonder if we are being told everything about what is going on above us. The McKinnon story is just one of the many that provide circumstantial evidence that point to the possibility that there are secret weapons and stations above us in space.

There are other interesting things to consider as well.

Back in 2008, President Bush had asked the Pentagon to come up with a plan to destroy a dead satellite that was heading to Earth. Many observers said a “shoot-down” was unnecessary because such objects falling to Earth typically burn up when re-entering the atmosphere.

Unless, of course, the satellite was possibly carrying ‘hypervelocity rod bundles’ made of tungsten. Out of all of the metals, tungsten has the highest melting point (3,422 °C) (6,192 °F), lowest vapor pressure, and the highest tensile strength. Tungsten has the lowest coefficient of thermal expansion of any pure metal. That means tungsten rods don’t burn up speeding through the Earth’s atmosphere to the intended target.

If the satellite was carrying kinetic weapons back then, there would be a definite reason to shoot it down. At the time, the shooting down of the satellite was “suspect” and the military said that they needed to eliminate the possibility of hydrazine, a toxic chemical, dispersing over a populated area. Many speculated that the reason why China and Russia were prompted to monitor the situation was that the countries were concerned about the missile and whether or not it was in reality a Pentagon weapons test.

After the shooting down the dead satellite, a United States policy on incoming near-earth objects was changed to state that all things that fall from the skies are classified.

U.S. military policy explicitly states that “incoming space debris, bolides and fireballs, are classified secret and that details about them falling in United States airspace are not to be released to the public.

Now this policy was conveniently enacted at a time where Obama was monitoring China and their space activities. At the time, he was in support of President George W. Bush’s plan for space exploration. China at the time was planning its moon exploration program. After killing budgets for any moon or Mars launch, money was poured into the development and launch of surveillance satellites. The project cost the United States $10-billion dollars plus.

It was a Space-Based Infrared System that provides a more detailed infrared picture of Earth for battlefield surveillance, early-warning alerts and the US missile defense program.

Is this a coincidence?

Most of the surveillance project is classified and I am sure the Pentagon would be uncomfortable if anything just happened to fall from the sky that would reveal that there is most certainly a secret space program.

It is obvious that there is a keen interest on Earth about what is happening above us that is not being openly discussed by the media or anyone else. This may or may not indicate a cover-up, but the history of our space program – and those involved – give us a reason to pause and wonder if the program has been a cover for the stacking of the cosmic deck against enemies foreign and extra-terrestrial.