From time to time, we see catastrophic events unfold on our television screens. Twitter tends to give us the ugly details of what is happening in real time from those who experience or are in the middle of these events.

We now know the thought of apocalypse seems to lend itself to calling a devastating snow storm a “snowpoclypse” and wondering if it will lead to domestic setbacks that lead to accidental death, disease and in some cases, famine.

When speaking of things in biblical proportions such as anomalous weather events, there is also symbolism and imagery that creeps into our thinking with regard to apocalyptic signs. In the apocalyptic myth of the four horsemen, the third horseman comes to mind in times like these. Our recent economic downturn, the bad weather and the threat of diseases or even famine can be assumed due to severe weather.

The third horseman is described as being on a black horse and carrying a scale. The revelations of the apostle John are telling of how scarcity is brought forth – where barley and wine are scarce and expensive.

A loaf of wheat bread or three bushels of barley for a day’s pay. Three bushels of barley equal approximately one pint. This is generally regarded as a minimum-sustenance diet. Therefore, the revelation is a forestructuring of a time when an entire day’s wage will barely yield enough food to survive.

The third horseman indicates a bad economy, scarcity and famine, leading to the next horseman – death.

We have discussed before that the objective of the future worldwide governance agenda is to create a government that will provide sustainable government in a time of scarcity.

The government we are familiar with will be replaced with a World Wide Government that will adopt Sustainable Development Goals, using what is known as a “green economy” which was patterned after technocratic governments established in the 1930’s.

According to its own literature provided by the United Nations:

This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the industrial revolution… “This is probably the most difficult task we have ever given ourselves, which is to intentionally transform the economic development model, for the first time in human history.”

The new government that will be finalized by 2030 will be considered a post scarcity “savior” for the people.

From the basic tenets proposed, we learn the “technocracy” will be provided using sustainable development goals, and will begin to change with great expediency the entire social mechanism to produce and distribute goods and services to the entire population of this planet – or to those that have chosen to support this new government.

This new government, in order for it to be accepted, will have to promote a future of scarcity in order for it to be effective. The propaganda is already being set in motion to remind us that resources on the planet are being depleted.

The question is can scarcity, famine, and a poor economy be manufactured in order to quicken the process of this new global governance?

In the 1940’s, science fiction was full of stories which dealt with evil geniuses that would create the ultimate weapon. It would be a weapon capable of controlling the entire world. It was our first foray into leaning about what is now called full spectrum control. This of course, is what the technocrats say is possible and can be functional in a new form of governance that utilizes sustainability rules.

Many people still believe that the idea of full spectrum control is still science fiction. However, if you dig deeper into the plans of the military industrial complex and the plans of organizations operating under the direction of the United Nations, you will see that initiatives and plans have now been put into effect that will force us into compliance of the new global governance.

Once again, we are being told that this Winter has been one for the record books, and with each year we are being told the extreme weather is getting worse, all simultaneously wrapped up in the inoculation intelligence about global climate change and disruption.

More alarming studies issued by appointed climate scientists are conveniently being issued always proving extremes rather than moderating a long-term pattern in climate statistics. Global warming or even climate change cannot be proven by a spike event that appears to be out of the ordinary, in fact, it is becoming apparent the weather conditions we are hearing about on the east coast are the result of tampering with what is being called the “atmospheric river” changing the direction of the flow of the rapids in this river.

The Earth’s life support system is being decimated in countless ways and we are seeing the fragility of that system is being demonstrated as the repercussions are becoming catastrophic.

The mainstream media and “climate science” opportunists will avoid talking about one of the biggest pieces of the puzzle in all of this and that is “stratospheric aerosol geoengineering.”

With the recent reports of winter storm Jonas and the devastating impact it will have on the economy, it makes one wonder if this is another example of catastrophe that will eventually contribute to scarcity.

New York City and Long Island were under a travel ban Saturday, including all transit from New Jersey bridges and tunnels into and out of the city as a deadly blizzard left major cities, roadways and airports along the East Coast largely immobilized. More than 60 million people were under blizzard, winter storm or freezing rain warnings as the storm’s effects stretched from Georgia to Massachusetts.

More than 80 million people are in the storm’s path, says the Associated Press. Some 250,000 customers were without power as the storm roared up the East Coast, according to the Weather Channel. The storm officially achieved blizzard status late Saturday in Washington, D.C., the National Weather Service said. At least 18 people died in storm-related incidents in Tennessee, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina and Virginia, The Associated Press reported. In Fort Washington, Md., one man died of an apparent heart attack while shoveling snow.

Eleven states declared states of emergency.

Air traffic ground to a halt across much of East Coast, with more than 10,000 flights canceled nationwide by Saturday afternoon. Underscoring the severity of the storm, all flights were halted Saturday at four of the nation’s busiest airports: Philadelphia, Washington Dulles, Washington Reagan National and Baltimore/Washington International. Public transportation in Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C., was also shut down as local officials called on residents to stay off the streets for a second day.

It is estimated that the digging out and the damages done in the aftermath of this storm will be in the multi millions.

A blizzard in 1996 had a $4.6 billion dollar bill that needed to be paid.

Just a month earlier, this area of the East Coast was experiencing unseasonably warm temperatures for December with temperatures in some areas being from 75 to 80 degrees.

This is the region where the geo-engineers can cause the greatest amount of impact to the largest number of US citizens that are in the zone of greatest population density.

In an environment of government secrecy, the citizen must use the methods of science to uncover abuse and hold officials accountable. Sufficient evidence has accumulated to justify the suspicion that cloud-generation technologies are being used to redirect, assuage and intensify the natural course of meteorological and climate anomalies by changing lower-atmosphere pressure, through a series of clandestine weather modifying operations.

Since at least 1992, major weather events have been shaped by the application of technologies that alternately heat or cool precise areas of the lower atmosphere, thereby decreasing or increasing or force multiplying, respectively, the density of those areas in order to alter the pressure-system dynamics that otherwise would naturally occur.

This type of atmospheric tinkering governs the movement of heat, moisture and air pressure.

When rare weather spikes occur, we need to see how the manipulation of one weather system affects the other and how bizarre weather rarities occur as a result of altering the atmospheric river.

In December of 2015, “Spring-like” weather brought rain, thunderstorms and wind into the Midwest. This caused a huge swath of tornadoes creating a loss of property and human life.

Midway through the month of December 2015, temperatures were unseasonably warm up and down the East Coast. Temperatures were so warm that the event went way beyond the National Weather Service’s anomaly scale. December 2015 was one of the most anomalous months, hot or cold, ever measured in the United States.

Now the same people are digging out of snow and in some areas a temperature change is bring about flooding.

This is not about climate change; this is about anomalous weather created by geoenegineering.

We have seen Nor’easters do this before but not with a hot moist center multiplied in the Midwest as cold dry air mixes with what is “expected’ which is climate and reacting in a way that is unprecedented which is severe weather.

While an argument for global warming will be given as a reason for intensified storms, we can also use a weather wars argument where geoengineering can be used as a way to generate famine, economical downturn and in some cases disease.

There are many ways that we can see an atmospheric domino effect take place where we can monitor whether or not there is some minor or even major redirecting of wind pushed currents of warm or cool water near the surface of the seas.

On July 14, 2013, an interesting weather report was posted. A storm system had developed over Oklahoma and Texas. The storm brought much needed rain to the area. However, the storm was part of a low pressure system that formed over the East Coast. The storm system made an unprecedented move of retrograding under a ridge of high pressure, which means that the storm system moved from east to west, which is extremely unusual for this hemisphere. Now understand that systems can move like this for a short time however the system went all the way to Southern California before it weakened.

This is a serious example of how the jet stream can be pushed or pulled to move storms into areas, intentionally.

We have been seeing the results of the push-pull atmospheric tug of war with technologies involving cloud generating and uses of ice crystals using aircraft to create cloud dissipation. We are also aware of how remote high- energy, radio-energy can force multiply a storm system over a certain area. Numerous worldwide “chemtrail” reports support no other explanation than those large-scale operations are underway that are modifying the atmosphere with “treatment” that only the most causal or short-term observer might mistake for the ordinary vapor-trail condensation of jet aircraft or natural cloud cover.

Chemical contrails allow much more moisture to form inside cloud systems, severe localized storms result from the aerial seeding while surrounding areas that have surrendered their moisture to the storm cells experience drought.

Weather control is food control. It can cause a nation to lose its crops, causing scarcity and economic hardship.

This is primarily why the idea of climate change disruption falls under the United Nation’s continued studies of sustainability and resource management assessment after a major weather disaster.

The Winter storm that plagued the East Coast has most certainly sent a message that there will be most certainly be an economic hit to the region, and another “we told you so” from the climate change crowd.

However on December 1st, Ground Zero reported in the article Woosy in the Sky with Diamonds that a geoengineering program was on the way that was creating an uneven heating and cooling of the atmosphere.

We predicted on our December 1st show that this geoengineering maneuver would in fact create a mild air flow which will warm up most of the United States. However, we speculated the weather would remain cold in the Northwest and there would be unprecedented warmth in the Northeast.

Then as if out of nowhere, comes a super freeze. It will be one big blast pushing further south and east and that climate science will say that it is a result of global warming.

Well, it happened the way we reported it.

The “ice storm,” snow and going from warmth to plummeting temperatures are caused due to the chemical ice nucleating materials being sprayed over the warmer rain storms in front of the advancing “winter storm.” When the temperatures are too warm for the chemical nucleating materials to freeze, the precipitation as it descends through the atmosphere, then reaches the surface before setting up and forming ice and snow.

We will be seeing in the next few days a mild change in the Northeast and an even milder temperature shift in the northwest as the atmosphere adjust and hopefully corrects itself.

This will result in major flooding where the snows have fallen on the east coast. We now can now see a possible “correction” or “transition zone” as the airflow change appears to be a result of the engineered severe “winter” storms.

The climate engineers are now routinely creating snow storms and cool downs by artificially nucleating precipitation through the use of aerosol spraying.

Known nucleating elements have already shown up in numerous lab tests of snow, aluminum, barium, chloride, and copper – it is also known that some forms of bacteria are also used to help in the process.

Are we seeing the side effects of geoenegineering out of control?

It can’t all be blamed on El Nino or a mere coincidence. It is also interesting to see how the media is going to great lengths to explain how a blizzard can happen with a climate that is supposed to be getting hotter.

The biggest irony is when the East Coast was in deep freeze, it was reported in the media and in the State of the Union address that 2014 and 2015 have been the hottest years on record.

This is confusing to a lot of people especially when anthropogenic climate scientists say they have established the conditions and assumptions they have made are decided without debate or are said to be without question.

It looks like consistency is not their strongest attribute.