Zodiac Killer: Dead To Rite


At the root of all belief in life after death is the powerful human idea of immortality. I believe that it is hard for most of us to comprehend the idea of God giving us life only to erase it without the chance of even surviving to do something better. Although the prevailing orthodoxy tells us that there is a heaven and hell and that after the final judgment that this is all there is, I would hope to think that there may be something more to the story.

We know the physical body disintegrates in the grave, but the mind and the soul are things that we hope remain or at least move on to a higher evolutionary transcendence. The personality of a person cannot disintegrate, the soul and essence of someone has not the tangible matter to decay and rot away.

So the big mystery is where these signature attributes go when they leave the physical body? there really is not a clear idea as to where all of this charged energy goes. Does it remain with the corpse, or does it linger and eventually appear creating what we call a haunting?

We all have been told that there is a “holy spirit” a spirit that we trust and evoke when we are in the process of prayer. We are told that this is the only spirit in the realms of the spirit world that is wholesome and will not lie to us.

There are many religious individuals that believe that other spirits are deceitful and that if any manifest in front of you they are not to be trusted.

However this has not always been the case. In the book of John it is said that all spirits are to be tested in order to determine if they are from God.

Beloved, believe not every spirit, but test the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.” – 1 John 4:1

It is also known that when Jesus walked on water, his disciples feared that he might be a ghost, which indicates that ghosts and spirits have been around or have been seen for thousands of years.

There were also ancient writings and scriptures that say that ghosts can be called up from their graves for divination or for other purposes.

And Samuel saith to Saul, Why hast thou troubled me, to bring me up?” — 1 Samuel 28:15

I am always cautioned by those who consider themselves religious that ghost hunting and dowsing for spirits is evil. I disagree, as I disagree that spiritualism or even the spirits themselves are inherently evil.

I can say that investigating haunting may not be for everyone, but to dismiss it as an evil practice is a bit premature.

Unfortunately the pastors and the religious want so badly to force the the letter of the law rather than focusing on the spirit of the law or the law that indicates that there truly are spirits that want to speak to us.

In earlier times evil or bad spirits were often blamed for physical maladies.

People were exorcised of demons and began healing. After a better understanding of what was happening to the physical body we now know that constant negative states of mind and emotions can make us very ill.

We also know that negative states of mind or minds under the influence of drugs are vulnerable to spiritual attacks from negative or evil spirits. When troubled minds pile up and the zeitgeist is drug induced, anti moral, and divided we can see how the consensus literally invites a spirit of evil to manifest in many ways.

At the close of the ‘flower power’ decade, it seemed that the Devil was having his due. The attitudes of the nation’s youth were changing. The death of Woodstock and flower power was sealed in 1969 when the Altamont Festival erupted in violence. Hell’s Angels began beating up on the crowd and ended up killing some concert goers. Four people were killed, and one of the murders was captured on camera by a crew filming the documentary ‘Gimme Shelter’.

In the book ‘Dear Mr. Fantasy‘, it was noted that the crowd was not high at Altamont, but something worse, they were vacant, they were numb to the evil that was around them.

The death of the Hippie movement was an omen of what was to come. We were terrified with accounts of Charles Manson and Helter Skelter. The Vietnam War was the televised war where blood was splattered on the screen every night and the power of evil had engulfed the world in wrenching white knuckled grip. Many people turned to religion. Everyone feared that the world was on the brink of collapse after we abused ourselves and allowed ourselves to fall so far from grace.

The United States was suffering from religious paranoia. The conservative ultra-right was using propaganda to its fullest in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Time Magazine had published an article and the words “Is God Dead?” was burned into the minds of people as passive peace marches were turning into riots, and blood ran freely in the gutters.

I was very young during this time and my father would always tell me that there were creeps waiting in the shadows. Very real creeps, not monsters, or goblins but men with knives and guns who were high on acid and capable of snatching me and offering up as a sacrifice to Satan.

Besides being reminded of the horrible deeds of the Manson family, I was a afraid of the Zodiac Killer.

It just seemed that when I was a kid the report on the nightly news was all about killers that brutally and ritualistically killed their victims. As I have pointed out before many of these murders formed a pattern. A pattern of sadistic and traumatizing events that many people believed were used to cause panic in the populace.

In Dr. John Coleman’s book the ‘Committee of 300‘, it is documented that there have been plans in the works to socially engineer the populace into accepting a “controlled super state.” This super government can only be implemented if the people demand it. The way it is engineered is through several shocks to the system which in turn manipulate and wear down the populace into adjusting their principles for the coming changes. The idea is to allow the idea of transcendence to die off in the human being making him more of a beast or an animal easily controlled and manipulated through trigger phrases, sounds, numeric sequences and other stimuli. The subject is then reborn, and reprogrammed to do the will of its master.

The idea of trauma and fear was used by the Zodiac Killer and has he was doing his dirty work he believed he was gathering slaves for the afterlife. He enjoyed the kill and said that man was the most dangerous animal:

I Like Killing People Because It Is So Much Fun It Is More Fun Than Killing Wild Game In The Forrest Because Man Is The Most Dangerous Animal Of All To Kill Something Gives Me The Most Thrilling Experience It Is Even Better Than Getting Your Rocks Off With A Girl The Best Part Of It Is That When I Die I Will Be Reborn In Paradise And Those I Have Killed Will Become My Slaves I Will Not Give You My Name Because You Will Try To Slow Down Or Stop My Collecting Of Slaves For Afterlife E B E O R I E T E M E T H H P I T I”

Now in the afterlife it seems that Zodiac is not resting. He is now haunting the Martinez News-Gazette newspaper building. On October 17th, 2013, I was asked to investigate a claim by Central Valley Paranormal that the former editor of the Gazette, Richard Gaikowski who died in 2004, was haunting the building.

Some people believe that Gaikowski was Zodiac.

I must say that for the first time in my life as a paranormal investigator I have never been involved in a case that left me more terrified. While I was broadcasting on the air during a live remote, I was interviewing Crystal Willett of the paranormal group. I was asking her some very direct questions about her relationship with this ghost that claimed to be the Zodiac. She answered many of my questions. However, half way through my interview with her she broke down and cried. I could see the terror in her face and I felt helpless and needed to somehow gain control of my show while still trying to help her.

Whatever triggered the tears decided to come after me. I felt my throat close up and I began to choke. My body began to freeze up, there was a cold sensation that moved down by back into my legs and my muscles felt like they were going to burst. I couldn’t continue the show, and lost all control of my emotions. I felt like I was going to die, and all I could do was cry out and leave the table where I was broadcasting.

I later learned that across the room the ghost hunters were calling out to the Zodiac and saying that he was a “coward.” After reviewing the ghost box recordings, we found that the ghost was calling out to Roger, one of the ghost hunters and when Roger called him a coward he called out my name before attacking me. All this time, I had no idea that this was going on as I was broadcasting and not participating in the investigation.

As the night went on we used motion sensor cameras in the attic and near the desk where Gaikowski once sat. There were at least three remarkable photographs out of the many that showed an orb, another orb with a ghoulish face below and a large, billowing cloud like figure that did not look human or like anything we have seen before.
Shadowy cloud Entity
No one could explain what the pictures were; only that perhaps these entities were somehow connected to the Zodiac in the afterlife.

We then used the ‘ghost box’ on the air and listeners also participated in talking to the ghosts many of them answering questions about the murders that took place in the East Bay Area from 1968 to 1970. The Zodiac claimed he killed 37 victims however the police say he killed only 7 and when a listener asked how many, the ghost box said seven as well.

While the investigation yielded nothing definite and while we still do not know if the ghost at the Gazette is truly the Zodiac, there is most certainly a very dark spirit that we have been communicating with.

However, in this instance, we have evidence dead to rights.